Setting up "SteemConnect V2" with React.js

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First, solve the problem. Then, write the code.
-"John Johnson".

What's up guys! I recently started a steemit project by myself and I thought I could do a little introduction to the Steemconnect V2 library, in case it helps someone else.

So let's stop the talk and let's get into it.

First of all. You need to configure Steemconnect v2. So I will leave here a link, in witch it tells you step by step how to do it properly.

How to configure SteemConnect v2 - By @noisy

Once the APP is set from Steemconnect we can begin to prepare the environment that we will need.

Before setting the main code, we will need to install 2 NPM packages.
Them are: npm install cross-fetch --save
npm install js-cookie --save

Basically seems like the SC2.JS API needs the cross-fetch package, and we will need the Cookie one, to get access to the 'access_token' in our entire site.
With this ready, let's move to our next step.

After this, we just need to initialize our SC2 API. So for that, just create another file, import the SC2 API, and set this next code.

Edited: on scope, 'login' is an invalid scope. So guys, don't set it as I did.

With this ready, we just need a way to GET the link that the user needs to login with SteemConnect. For that, the API provides us with 2 methods. Both them are for authentication. One of them provides the main link to login, and the other one, just revokes the token, and logs out the user.

As you can see in the revokeToken method, we use the Cookie.remove('access_token'). Basically the Cookie package will help us to get the main 'access_token' to the entire site, or remove it in case we don't need it anymore.

Right now we just need a way to set the 'access_token'. I will provide you with my own method. Im sure you can improve it and use regex in a better way, but for now im sure this one will works perfectly for you.

Damn, a lot of promises. Im sure you can delete most of them, and clean this code a bit. But basically, after the user hits the /success url path, we initialize this method in our componentDidMount.

Basically we are extracting the 'access_token' and setting it to our global Cookie. With that, we are ready to get all the info that the steem blockchain has to offer for us.

After this, we just need to call our setAPIToken in our componentDidMount.

And if we did things right, with the method, we will be able to get all the info that the blockchain provides from the logged in user.

So this is all guys. I'm a newbie developer, so for sure this code can be improved much more. If you all wanna suggest something, or wanna know anything else about the above example, just ask.

Hope you liked this post, and helped you a bit. See you in the next one! Have a great day everyone!

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Thanks you!

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