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RE: @steem-ua Still Alive & Kicking

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Sorry that I'm so late to reply @d-pend, with all the TRON stuff happening I think you'll forgive me ;-)

Steem-UA is basically just one possible application of the UA algorithm, which is a probability distribution. Before it was coded, but of course after I published the core algorithm in my original UA post (nov. 2017), I initially tried to have my idea implemented blockchain-wide and -native, after which several talks were held with Ned, who "inspired" / "motivated" me (...) with another route and remuneration model.

Eventually Holger coded it with my help on how the algorithm is supposed to work.

Is Steem-UA complete and functioning as-is: well, yes, in and by itself.
Could it be improved? Sure.
Are there other applications for UA? Yes, many many more.
Am I willing to invest even more time on that now? Let's say some of the experiences with certain people I've had in the past 18 months aren't that motivating for such an endeavour.


No problem on the delay, and thanks for the thorough response. I am hopeful that there will be another opportunity in the future to further the use of this algorithm when conditions are right.

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