BTSDEX v0.5.0

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This version is still in development, but I would like to talk about this and possibly get feedback.

Interactive mode

Added interactive mode to the package. Now when you install the package globally, it becomes available from the command line:

$ npm i -g btsdex
$ btsdex
> |

In fact, this is a conventional REPL-console with pre-defined variables:

  • BitShares, the main class of the package;
  • login, the equivalent of BitShares.login
  • generateKeys, a function for generating keys
  • accounts, the equivalent of BitShares.accounts
  • assets, the equivalent of BitShares.assets
  • db, the equivalent of BitShares.db
  • history, analogue of BitShares.hostory
  • network, the equivalent of
  • fees, the equivalent of BitShares.fees

For example:

$ btsdex
> fees
Fees {
  transfer: 0.1042,
  limit_order_create: 0.00578,
  limit_order_cancel: 0.00057,
  call_order_update: 0.00578,

When you start btsdex, it tries to connect to the main network. If you want to connect to the testnet:

$ btsdex --testnet


Added generation of files for inclusion in the browser through the tag <script>. The files are available in the releases on the GitHub.

To include in your HTML page:

<script src = "btsdex.min.js"> </ script>

After enabling, the BitShares class is available in the browser console.
Screenshot from 2018-09-16 15-57-38.png

Tests for mocha

The project already suffered from the lack of tests. It's time to test the minimum before the release.

To date, only one test for the BitShares class has been written. Over time, I hope everything will be covered in the tests.

disconnect ()

Personally, I did not need to disconnect. But when writing the tests, and solving the issue of the REPL-version of the package, it was understood that the shutdown function is necessary.

It's very simple to use:

BitShares.disconnect ()

If you have a wish for a REPL-mode, or maybe there is not a very useful function, write to GitHub.

On this I have everything. Great weekend to everyone!


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