Provide options to delegate and undelgate from Steemconnect directly

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Steemconnect is now used by majority of the apps to delegate and undelegate Steem Power (SP), however, there is no such UI feature in Steemconnect , using which I can delegate or undelegate. In order to delegate or undelegate, I have to frame the URL myself and then put in the browser such as

And not only that, I have to calculate the vests myself.


As part of this proposal, I propose Steemconnect provides features to delegate from the app itself. Right now, we can see the app by putting the below link in browser :

And then once we login, it shows up the dashboard. In the dashboard we should have options to delegate

So here is how the updated dashboard should look like :


And then on click of that link, it should take me to a screen where I can mention the user I want to delegate and the SP to delegate like this :


Upon entering this, it should dynamically calculate the vesting_shares and provide me the option to confirm the transaction, since I am already logged into Steemconnect .

Additionally it should also provide an option to undelegate the SP when I want to do that.


By providing this feature, every user can use Steemconnect seamlessly without taking the pain of calculating the vesting shares and framing the URL to present to Steemconnect. Also providing the feature inside Steemconnect helps to manage all delegation from one place.

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I think you made a very nice suggestion. Not everyone actually understands the routine of using urls. Most just know how to click a button and it takes them to the page they need.

I was not even knowing about it, what a great piece of info, yes I agree, it would be easy to manage things from one place.

This would be a nice add on feature.

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