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Finally Network is a website builder platform on top of the Steem blockchain. The aim is to provide an easy to use interface for Steem users to turn their Steem blog into a website presence they're proud to share.


New Theme finallynetwork/pull/28

Today I'm pleased to share some development work on a collaboration effort with @critday. Critday (Instagram - @critday & is one of the most popular Insatgram accounts showcasing quality student architecture work. Together as part of the @sndbox cohort 2 assignment we have created a Finally theme that is specifically aimed at showcasing student work in a simple yet elegant way.

Finally is a perfect fit for students looking for a way to display their work. Content can be uploaded on any STEEM platform, potentially earning rewards for their effort. Students can share their Finally website directly or add a custom domain (coming soon) presenting a more professional front for their work.

Live Example - - Feed view

This update works to add the new Feed View and single template for the Critday theme. With the help of the previous updates its now even faster to work on new designs. I'll be first to admit there is still plenty of optimisations and improvements to be made.

For example most themes now include 4 main template files. Filling in these template files and styling the output gets most of a new theme off the ground.

blogHeaderTemplate(profile, navigation)


blogFeedItemTemplate(post, featureImageSrc, tags, excerpt)

singlePageTemplate(post, html)

Critday theme JS - When you initialise the theme you pass through these basic templates. It works for simple themes so far but may need to be re-thought out for any more complex variations.

Single view
Fairly standard single view, finallycomments and links back to the profile view.

I'll be releasing more information regarding the collaboration with @critday on the @finallynetwork account. More collaborations in the works. Please let me know what you think of the new Theme.

Critday Theme is currently only activated by request and we're currently undecided on how best to integrate the two aspects into the front end platform. More info to follow.


I've been using Zeit Now to host many of my webprojects. Unfortunately including files on .gitignore with ! after it had been excluded wasnt working. I discoved zeit has a feature to use a .dockerignore file that allows files to be whitelisted and uploaded.

A small fix that took a bunch of different configuration options to figure out. /finallynetwork/pull/27 🙌


As always thanks for all of the support and ideas in the previous update posts. It's great to hear all of the support and ideas people have, I wish I had more hours in the day to crank out updates faster. If you're interested in getting more involved please message. Github issues/feature-requests welcome too.

GitHub Account


Awesome! Not sure if you’re aware but I built from your boilerplate with no prior knowledge of JavaScript. You’re definitely helping people express themselves.

Wow I had no idea! That is ace to hear. So glad you found the boilerplate useful 🚀. Well done for getting your project off the ground with no prior knowledge that is super cool

So excited to see this become reality. Super happy to be able to collaborate with you @sambillingham!

Yes mate! This is going to be good. 🚀

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