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Finally Network Updates

Hey, with a couple weeks of travel last month including visiting Steemfest it has been awhile since the lastest up to Finally Network. Happy to share the most recent updates with you today. The main aspect of this update finishs the implementation of the @critday collaboration. The critday theme is now avaible for all to use and can be customised from the dashboard when logged in.

Dashboard Restructure - finallynetwork/pull/34

The dashboard layout has been upgraded to accomodate more customisation settings moving forward. Specialised setting related to each theme are hidden by default and only loaded when the appropriate theme is selected.

Theme settings are currently stored in the database and are saved when changing themes. In future these setting changes will also be broadcast across the network. If you have thoughts or requests on this idea please comment on the issue here.


Old dashboard


New dashboard

The new layout allows for additional setting to be added in the future.

Critday Theme is now assessible from the landing page using the initial 'try' modal.

Critday Theme is now limited to latest 4 post so not to break the layout and minimal design. (currently using CSS - see issues/37 )

Collab Page Live - finallynetwork/pull/35)

If you read the latest general update you might have noticed I mentioned about focussing more on collaboration. This new page on the site is avaible for users to submit ideas and requests. Simple view with an embed typeform for now. Will likely expand this to be integrated with Finally and live on an admin side of the dashboard.


Thanks again to @critday for contributuing an awesome design to @finallynetwork and to @sndbox for the inspiration to work on the collab. If you're looking to add to Finally or work together please contact me.

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Thank you for your contribution. Once again a nice update to the project and nicely explained in the post. The new dashboard looks interesting.

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👋Hey thanks for the review

Thank you for your review, @codingdefined! Keep up the good work!

i wanna work together for sure sam, on a design, feedback, themes, promotion everything, just need to get my real world work clients done first then i'll be back around to discuss, i've also got an idea i think we can work on that can generate us an income moving forward to sustain the projects too.

Good to know mate! I feel like there is still heaps of opportunity around here. Full speed on the client work 👊

yeah man, i've got a 10 hr block of VO to do once that's outta the way i'll come back about a theme, it's probably gonna be a multi account aggregator, feature a bunch of video (which condenser does'nt have) -- like vimm embeds etc -- think media portal, and then i can tell you about the little overlay system which will make us a bit of money! :)

ok, gotta record between the rain! :)

Thanks as always @sambillingham Can’t wait to work together again in the future!

yes mate! need to chat this week and come up with a plan.

Hey, @sambillingham!

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next week i'm gonna put some time aside to mock up a design and a one pager for what i want to achieve, you done anything with IPFS playback yet on a webpage? bit like steempeak can do? that would be crucial to my design.

Sounds good! I haven't played with IPFS much yet, wont be a problem though. If it's possible I can figure it out 👊

sweet! yeah man, excited, also wanna show you something i found which is an near on exact copy of what i wanted to build but he's not really approaching the 'streamer' market yet, i think we could do a 2 for 1 -- sell a service and also bring people to the steem blockchain.

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