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Finally Comments

Finally Comments is an embeddable comments system powered by the Steem blockchain. Use any comments thread from any STEEM powered platform post on any website. Users can comment and vote as they usually would. The aim of this project is to promote the Steem ecosystem by breaking the comments system out of the walls of Steem based apps replacing popular comments systems like Disqus & Facebook comments plugin. See the latest at

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User Dashboard

The aim of this update was to improve the way a user would create the embed code to implement Finally comments in their website. This update is the first in a series that aims to make Finally comments easier to use and increase its functionality.

The dashboard replaces the embed code generator. The generator required a Steemit url specifically to parse the tag, author and permlink and then generate the correct html for the user. The dashboard lists all of a users post directly from the STEEM API so it will show posts regardless of which Steem based platform they were created from.

After Steemconnect auth Express.js passes through the username of the logged in user to the front-end template where Steem-js makes an api call to getDiscussionsByBlog(). Relevant data is listed in a table. Users are able request more posts. Full implementation on GH.

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One-Click Embed Code and Customisations

Once in the dashboard users can easily generate the relevant embed code with a single click. The code is generated and loaded in a modal. I feel this user experience is better than the copy/paste into a input field (totally open to other suggestions).

When posts are loaded via the Steem API relevant data is stored as data ttributes so it can be easily loaded into the embed script template string. Using \n (the newline character) at the end of example code that may or may not be included by the user keeps the output looking tidy. Relevant function on GH

By default all options are selected but can easily be unchecked and the embed code will update. In future this section can provide far more customisation options. Current customisation options include show/hide the post payout values, enable/disable the user profiles on click and show/hide the user reputation values. Some ideas for further customisation include.

  • Minimum reputation to post
  • show/hide Flag rules
  • User and Tag blacklists
  • Featured users and OP highlight
  • Sticky/Pin post
  • post footer recommendations


This was the first step towards allowing custom/non top level url threads. In the next step i’ll add a ‘generate new’ button which will add a new sub-thread to finally’s main thread and replace the url with an ID. Once the generation step is completed I’ll work to add the same functionality as an API endpoint so finally can be used without needed to manually click in the dashboard.


As always let me know if you have any ideas for Finally comments and or if you see any issues please do let me know.

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Thanks for the review Vladimir 👊


You're welcome.

Fantastic work you’ve been doing on this! I really think this can be hugely successful. I haven’t had a chance to play around much since you first launched but hope to rectify that soon.


Thanks, Bryan I really appreciate your support. Progress has been a little slower than I would have liked but just chipping away at features whenever I can.

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nice keep the good work going

Muy buenos consejos amigo, me esta entusiasmando saber cosas sobre este tema :D

Hola amigo muy interesante tu publicación. Debemos tener presente estos temas tan importantes, y conocer mas de lo que ya sabemos.

Great update.

Just came to my mind: I do not know if you want to monetize the comments system in any way, but it may be possible to use Comment Reward Beneficiaries. That's how Utopian is making money.​