Finally Comments - API & New Dashboard Features 💬

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Finally Comments 💬

Finally Comments is an embeddable comments system powered by the Steem Blockchain. The aim of this project is to promote the Steem ecosystem by breaking the comments system out of the walls of Steem based applications, replacing popular comments systems like Disqus & Facebook comments plugin. Comment threads can be created from scratch or can use any existing STEEM comments thread from any STEEM platform. Users can comment and vote as they usually would allowing an author/platform to receive rewards anywhere you can embed HTML on the web. See the latest at

I am excited to share new features which include - a new dashboard for logged in users, direct threads links to test or share online, API access from authorised domains, a re-implemented generator along with other fixes and improvements.

New Features

New dashboard


The new dashboard is separated into 4 separate views to make accessing the information you need quicker.

Steem Posts - A table containing your Steem posts. Direct thread links and 1-click Embed generation.

Custom Threads - A table containing all threads you have created through finally. Both custom threads and API threads will show here. Create new threads here.

Generator - Use to generate embed code from link.

API Access - Controls for setting up remote access to Finally.

Direct Thread Links

direct threads.png

When looking through the new dashboard you will notice both of your custom threads and Steem posts are now links. These links lead to a full page view of your thread hosted on Finally. This link is useful for testing, adding comments before putting it live on your site or for sending directly to another person.

See this thread as an example

API Beta


This new feature makes working with finally on dynamic sites a breeze. The universal embed and API allow you to use custom permlinks generated by your own system and will create the Finally threads automatically. Easily use Finally with frameworks like Wordpress or static sites like Jekyll.

Before using this feature you will need to re-authenticate your account with Steemconnect through the dashboard. Any domains you wish to use the universal embed with will need to be added to your account in the dashboard.

The Generator Is Back

In previous versions of finally there was a generator to create an embed directly from a link, this was removed in a previous update in exchange for the steem post but has been re-created at the request of @bryan-imhoff.

You can find the new generator in the dashboard instead of on the landing page.

Latest Updates

There is now a updates section on []
(, it displays a list of blog posts/update announcements.


Fix - In the previous update, I introduced a bug that caused comment threads to append multiple copies of the same comment. Fixed

Fix - I introduced an issue that sessions were not set on all routes causing comments/votes to sometimes fail.

This update includes a number of re-factored functionality to help improve the maintainability of the project.

Development Report

A substantial amount of new work went into this update. I’ve done my best to make sure there are no new/remaining bugs, but this project is still very much in Beta phase, if you encounter issues please report them. Thank you.

Finally is coming along nicely but there are still a number of updates I would like to see in the future.

Suggestions & Contributions

As always suggestions, comments, issues and rants are all welcome below.

You can find me on Discord - sambillingham#7927
Issues and suggestions can be added to Github or directly to this message thread.

Sam ✌️

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Hey @amosbastian, I just gave you a tip for your hard work on moderation. Upvote this comment to support the utopian moderators and increase your future rewards!


Thanks Amos, I appreciate you review this. 👊

Amazing work you're doing. This may be the Steem project I'm most excited about currently!

Thanks so much for re-implementing the generator feature. I think it is a very useful option. It's also coming in handy allowing me to play around more because unfortunately the "load more posts" button is still dead for me. I did try in both Safari and Firefox on a Mac. Still not sure if it might not be on my end or something platform specific... any other users having an issue?

Your work is the #1 thing motivating me to get some personal sites back online. I've just been waiting to have Steem integration ability!

If you or anyone else wants to see Finally Comments in action on a personal site... I've got it tested on the first few posts I've mirrored over to Please excuse the "clutter." I still have a ton of modifying to do, menus to redo, etc. But the three test blog posts currently included all have Finally Comments at work.


It's great to hear you are excited about the project, even better that it's pushing you to get a personal site back online. I'm all for self-publishing, I hope we see more personal sites again into the future rather than just a few centralised social networks.

I'll test the "load more posts" against your post feed specifically and see if I can figure out what's going on.

Great work! The site feels very snappy. This will be used on blogs, new sites more and more as Steem grows.


Thanks for taking a look at the update. 🤞 I can make something people find useful.

Hey @sambillingham I am @utopian-io. I have just upvoted you!


  • Seems like you contribute quite often. AMAZING!

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Woww grandiosa App me gusta mucho y me llama la gran atención este estupendo proyecto, estaré al pendiente de tus psot como siempre para conocer mas sobre ella saludos amigo mio @sambillingham

I'm commenting from the website. This comment tool is phenomenal! When will this be a wordpress plugin (or do we have it already?) for those who may not know how to use the HTML Embed code?

I can see how This will work beautifully with Steempress and start the floodgates of adoption from those outside of


Hey! thanks for the support. There is already a beta WP plugin ( not yet on the wp codex but can be installed manually for now.

Lots of ideas for updates and features, currently away for another couple weeks but once back will roll out a bunch of updates.