Accept STEEM and SBD as a payment method in your Wordpress/WooCommerce online store

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I am excited to announce that you can now accept STEEM and SBD as payments on your online store via this Wordpress/WooCommerce plugin: WooCommerce Steem Payment Method

Wordpress plugin:

As I am in the midst of creating a new online store for the upcoming seed business, we wanted a way to accept STEEM and SBD as a payment.

I started looking for options several months ago and there were very few and limited ways to do this - the only viable ones were payment gateways that take an extra percentage off of the transaction.

I did stumble upon a plugin created by @recrypto but it had fallen out of service and development over a year ago. Motivated to have my website able to accept STEEM I forked the plugin and began updating the code to get it in working shape again.


Along the way I decided to add some new features and after all that work I realized this is too good not to share with the STEEM community!!

The best thing about this plugin is that your online store can accept payments in a peer-to-peer fashion. Payments are made directly from your customer's wallet to your store's STEEM wallet. There is no payment gateway in the middle meaning there is no transaction fee.


This is truly in the spirit of STEEM being both open source and decentralized.

There are so many people earning STEEM on steemit. Currently there are so few places to spend it (short of taking it to an exchange) and so few ways for merchants to accept steem as payment.

I really hope this helps the Steemit community have more tools to be able to use STEEM in the new economy. For the business folks out there, consider using this plugin to accept STEEM so that we can keep STEEM within the STEEM economy and build value.

Overview of Features

  1. There is no extra transaction fee. Payments are made directly between customer and store owner via SteemConnect.
  2. This plugin will automatically detect if payment was made once it is posted to Steem Blockchain.
  3. If payment is not completed within several minutes of submitting an order an automatic payment reminder email will be sent to the customer with instructions for submitting payment.
  4. Currency exchange rate between FIAT and STEEM/SBD is automatically calculated at time of checkout.
  5. Currency exchange rate between FIAT and STEEM/SBD can be optionally displayed below the product price on the product page.


Feedback & Contribution

I would love to hear your feedback if you use this plugin. Likewise if you are a developer interested in contributing please let me know!

Wordpress Plugin Link:

Learn more here and install the wordpress plugin (requires woocommerce)

GitHub link:

Special thanks to @recrypto for his hard work with the initial version of this plugin.


Thanks for the contribution and welcome to Utopian, @sagescrub! It looks like a very useful plugin for Steemians who use WordPress, great work!

Some tips/feedback regarding your code:

  • In my opinion an indentation of 4 spaces instead of 8 makes your code more readable (and 2 for HTML).
  • Sometimes there are some inconsistencies in your code. Not sure if there's a specific linter you can use for PHP, but if there is I'd recommend using it.

Since this is your first contribution on Utopian, I would also suggest you read this amazing guide that was made by one of our (at the time) moderators. It includes a lot of useful tips and information on how we review contributions in the development category.

I look forward to seeing more of your contributions in the future!

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Thank you for your review, @amosbastian!

So far this week you've reviewed 9 contributions. Keep up the good work!

This is great advice. Thank you amosbastion. I will keep it in mind for future submissions and thank you for the readability and consistency advice.

That’s awesome. Other website crypto payment apps all convert to fiat when people pay with crypto. I much rather get to keep the crypto and especially steem.

Yes definitely! That is the idea. I am building a few more tools related to keeping things in steem and not going through fiat - even more so. I am excited to share soon :)

It's amazing how much has been done for the STEEM cause using plugins for Wordpress—and that's with only two! Steempress, and now this STEEM payment plugin through WooCommerce. Can we just call it WSPM or something? STEEMWooPay? Okay, maybe not that. :)

Anyway, glad to hear about this and now I've got to come up with something to sell so I can try it out.

It's encouraging to see all the excitement and innovation around steem :) Please do let me know if you end up trying it out!

Thanks so much for resteeming this article Carl.

Hope to use @sagescrub's plugin to accept Steem. Timing is perfect as I've started to produce a range of eco-friendly containers. Presses the incentive button to REALLY get going with them now.

Yeah I am stoked about this, I keep meaning to set up a wordpress / steempress website and this may finally push me over the top :)

How exciting! If you do end up going for it, please let me know I would love to hear your experience :)

Look forward to seeing what you do with WP now Carl.

I've worked with a number of website builders and always come back to Wordpress. There are some amazing Themes for WP now ~ So many it's hard to choose which one to use.

I tried DIVA for a while ~ One of the 'Elegant Themes' range. It's super contemporary but I found it to be so complex, mainly because there were so many options that I went back to one of the basic themes: Twenty Seventeen and love it.

See you over the top. 😊

Nice timing!! Please do let me know your experience with the plugin and I look forward to seeing your new store and products :)

I will accept Steem or SBD for my original Oil Paintings

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Excellent! If you end up using this plugin for selling your oil paintings, please do let me know how it goes for you :)

This is awesome! Well done! I saw taskmaster’s post today mentioning you and I was happy to see you had done this :) thank you! Look forward to hearing more about your seed business too.

Thanks @mountainjewel! Seed business is going really well. I haven't been on steemit as often due to harvest and getting the business ready. Will have more to share soon!

Oooooh!! Very Exciting!! Congratulations on your successful programming to get the plug in up and running! How exciting 😊 Yay #steemcommunity 🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵

Thank you, thank you @yogajill!!

De nada - You're welcome! Thank-YOU!

Omg dude, that's so awesome! One step closer to being the best seed dealer ever!

When can I give you steem? I need to start saving up.

Not aiming for best ever but definitely want to offer unique and quality seeds to steemians :) We may not launch the website until later in the fall or early winter... there is a lot going on and a lot to do to wrap up this season. We will definitely update you as we make progress!

Awesome! I'll start tucking away some post rewards into savings. Fall/winter is perfect timing to pick up some things for next spring. Wife and I are really working to figure out what we wanna plant that she and the kids will eat.

I am so looking forward to planning out what to grow next year!! Ditto here :)

I am so looking forward to planning out what to grow next year!! Ditto here :)

Very good tool to integrate Steem payments I wish great success with it!

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Thank you :)

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