Mura CMS - Greek Translation Part 3 (Approximately 893 Words)

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The Basics...

Mura CMS Repository:

Project Details:

Mura is an open source content management system, meant to make the creation, editing and managing of digital content easier.
It is the perfect tool for content managers, content contributors, marketers, developers and IT professionals.

According to Wikipedia's article:

Mura is a modern web application that can be deployed via Docker in a containerized environment, as a WAR file on any standard Java servlet container, such as Apache Tomcat, or natively with any modern CFML engine such Lucee or Adobe ColdFusion. Mura supports popular databases such as MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle and Postgres SQL.

Mura also supports Content as a Service and application development via Mura.js and any modern javascript framework or library such as Vue.js, Node.js, Ember, etc.

Mura basically features:

  • Content Management
  • Content Personalization
  • Site Management
  • Analytics
  • Workflow
  • Development
  • Deployment, and
  • Integrations

For more details, you can visit the official site:

Or browse through the video list of Mura's official Youtube channel:

Basically, Mura CMS is an open source platform that promises to save digital content producers and managers from a lot of fuss.

@dimitrisp, our developer Language Manager, will be in charge of proofreading this project.

Interested in learning how Mura works?

Those who live in the US can enroll to this year's "Mura Training" in November 2018, in Sacramento. For more, you can click on this link.

Why this project?

After completing JabRef, the reference management software, I started going though the white-listed projects and Mura seemed to be the less demanding considering terminology. There are some strings that puzzle me with specific terms, but thanks to @dimitrisp's invaluable help and some googling, I can overcome such "obstacles".

Also, Mura CMS seemed like a very helpful tool that I would like to see being used by more people. Therefore, by submitting a good Greek translation, I aspire to see more Greeks using it in the future.

Contribution Specifications

Translation Overview:

The original text contains 7463 words. It's pretty much as big as JabRef and I believe I will finish it in 6 - 7 parts as well.

When I first started working on it, about 1% of the second file was already translated and approved by a proofreader outside the DaVinci-Utopian Translations project. This meant I had to check all these translations first, before working on the second file, in order to make sure they were correct and would not mess with the wording coherence within the text as a whole.


The original text is all written in English and it is my task to translate it in Greek (my mother tongue).

The current session...

Activity Overview:

In this session I continued working on the second and bigger file of the project, Core Admin that contains the basic features of the software. The strings translated by other Crowdin contributors and needed "fixing" were completes in the previous session, so I didn't touch them this time, but I will revisit them in the next part to make sure the same wording is used throughout the whole text.

Some examples of the strings I dealt with this time
  • We had buttons like:

"Publish Date" = "Ημερομηνία Δημοσίευσης"

  • And messages like:

"This change set contains content that has not been approved." = "Αυτό το πακέτο αλλαγών περιέχει περιεχόμενο που δεν έχει εγκριθεί."

Word Count:

According to Crowdin's word count tool, in this session I translated 1015 words. This part is less than 1000 words, because my brain was really tired with proofreading contributions like ReactOS and FreeCAD, which are demanding texts, even for the proofreader, each for different reasons. After subtracting a rough 12% for: a) untranslated words (like email) and b) duplicate strings; I can say that I have translated about 893 words.

Note: The previous part was about 1126 words long

Proof of Authorship:

Note: No Activity Screenshots were added after the new guideline we were given on August 2nd, 2018.


This was the 3rd part of Mura CMS, a useful tool for managing digital content. I continued working on the main and bigger file, Core Admin which contains the basic features of the software. In this part I translated 893 words and @dimitrisp was in charge of the proofreading and editing process.

And because I want to make you jealous, here is an off-topic picture...

Summer is still around apparently. We had some storms and temperature drops in the last days of August, but September is summer-ish enough to allow us hit the beach!

ruth-girl_steemit_still summer.jpg

And this is a photo I took today and shared on my Instagram and Facebook profiles this afternoon. I hope you like it!


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translations - greek team.gif

Image credits for the first and second images of this gif:

Third and fourth images from the Public Domain

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This was your 3rd contribution to Mura CMS and your 12th contribution overall to the translations category!

Mura is an open source content management system, meant to make the creation, editing and managing of digital content easier.
It is the perfect tool for content managers, content contributors, marketers, developers and IT professionals.

Once again, your translation was great. I noticed the strain on your brain when we discussed a few questions you had, but you managed to do it perfect.

The personal touch in your post (the image with the leaf) was great, and it made me jelly, but I'll see how I can get back at you by throwing more corrections to you! And of course I'm joking, as you rarely make errors (most of them are minor mistakes anyway).

Thank you for being part of the Greek Translation Team, and I'm looking forward to proofread more of your work!

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Thank you for the kind review! I'm rolling up my sleeves and already getting down to work on the next parts!

(Please, don't get mad at me for the photo! I promise I'll buy you lots of loukoumades at Aiginio fair next week!)


Κάντης τη ζωή μαρτύριο Μάστορα!


Thank you for your review, @dimitrisp!

So far this week you've reviewed 7 contributions. Keep up the good work!

Hey, @ruth-girl!

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Nice pic. Where was it taken?


Thanks! Platamonas beach, have you ever heard of it?


Are you guys selling madness?? :P


Yes, we use madness trading as supplementary income.


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One day I'll take you there, it's beautiful!

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Thank you once again for the support! :)

Enjoy your Summer beach time. I love our beach in September as it cools down and of an evening you can have on a wooly jumper and get a good beach fire roaring whilst listening to the waves!


I made a picture in my head... that's so nice, enjoying every season for the beauty it has to offer!