Steemia V0.0.4 - Rebloging on steemia keeps loading, & won't reblog

in utopian-io •  5 months ago

Project Information

  • Repository:

  • Project name: Steemia

  • Publisher: Steemia

Expected behavior

The reblog button was expected to reblog a post successfully.

Actual behavior

After the reblog button was clicked to reblog a post, it pops up

How to reproduce

  • Download app from play store
  • Launch Steemia
  • create an account / sign in
  • click on search icon
  • search for a user's post then open it.
    For an example, search for rufans then open any post made by the user , then click on Reblog button.
  • The app pops up a notification that it's rebloging but it keeps loading and it won't allow the user to do anything with the app except the app is closed.
  • Version: Steemia V 0.0.4
  • Operating system: Tecno Camon X pro ( Android 0)

Recording Of The Bug

Githup profile


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Osheeeeeeeee Oya now uto boy😂😂


How can I help you? 😛

Hi @rufans, thanks for reporting this observation. It could be reproduced, hopefully this would get fixed before a newer release.

We look forward to your future reports. You should contribute more on github, your profile on there has very little activity.

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Thank you

Hey @rufans, It would benefit the open-source project if you could also add this report in their GitHub Issues. otherwise, it might not be shown to the PO. Also If anything is related to a project make sure you put the project name in tags as well. for easy search.
Thank you



Okay thank you

Hey @rufans
Thanks for contributing on Utopian.
We’re already looking forward to your next contribution!

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