[Ideas for Steemia app ]Make Tags clickable, Option to zoom/download images and deposit & Withdrawal button for other coins

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Steemia is an Android application running under steem blockchain. Its an open source project. Which was why I decided to contribute to the following section of the project.

Post Section

  • Make tags clickable
  • Ability to zoom images/Option to download Post images

wallet Section

  • Deposit & withdraw option for other crypto coins


Post Section

  • Make tags clickable
    One of the features I am looking out for, is the ability to click on post tags. One of the advantages of making post tags clickable is it leads the user to a resulted search engine page. This feature can be implemented by linking a resulted search engine page to a particular tag.
    One of the main benefit of this feature is, It makes it easy for a user to auto search for a word by clicking on its tag. For instance, when a user clicks on a “Contest” tag, it automatically leads the user to a page where other contents with the tag “Contest” can be found. with this feature, users can click on any of post tag then when it opens, result of post with same tags is shown to the user .
  • Ability to zoom image & Option to download Post images

Currently, zooming of image of a post on Steemia is not possible. I was reading a post then I tried to view a particular image just because the text on the image looks tiny. It was then I noticed the feature is missing. It'd be nice if the developers implement the ability to zoom images for a better view.
I would also suggest a clickable button with the title "Download Post Images were the user clicks on it then the images of a post pops up for download.
I have designed mockup image for this feature.

wallet Section

  • Deposit & withdraw option for other crypto coins

There are extra options on wallet section of stemia , where users are allowed to add either Bitcoin, litocin or Ethereum address to their wallet. But I noticed this option isn't functioning yet just after adding an address. Due to that , I have designed mockups on how these feature should work. I'll upload the mockups right under the mockup header.
From the designed images, it was implemented that users would be able to deposit and transfer of Bitcoin, litcoin and Ethereum right from their wallet .

Mockups / Examples

  • Deposit & withdraw option for other crypto coins

I designed a Deposit & Withdrawal button which is to be added immediately a user adds any of other coin's address.

The Images below are results of Deposit & Withdrawal button clicked from the first image .



  • Option to download post Images
    I added an extra button which pops up the images of a Post for easy download.


Make tags clickable
After this suggested feature is implemented, it will ease the stress of making a search , since the tags opens page of contents posted under the same tag.

Ability to zoom image/Option to download Post images
This feature will help the user to save post images to local storage.
It will also help the user zoom the image while reading a post.

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Hello @rufans
The idea you share is not well thought out and does not hold much value.

  • The idea about tags had already been suggested here. Although it was reported as a bug which turned out to be a missing feature instead.
  • As for the adding of etherium wallet to the app, I believe this goes outside the scope or the main reason why the app was created.

The goal of this project is to give the community a mobile app where they can do their daily activity in the blockchain.

  • Zooming of images and downloading them is just a minor enhancement. However, I believe it could enhance users' experience.

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