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Ability To Upload/change Twitter Avatar Via Twitlatte

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Twitlatte application is the SNS client specialized to read in chronorogical order.
You can access Twitter, Mastodon and Pleroma via the app.


After a Twitter account was authorized on Twitlatte, it was noticed that the user can't upload/change an avatar.


It'd be really helpful if an updated version of Twitlatte comes with ability to upload/change Twitter account avatar.

Mockups / Examples

Here's an example of how it should be enabled.
User's can easily upload profile picture by clicking Take Photo or Choose From Existing Photo



The proposed feature will improve the application by making it easy for users to upload profile picture without visiting the Twitter official page.

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Hello @rufans, Thank you for contributing through Utopian!

Your suggestion is not a bad one but i believe you could suggest something better and structure your contribution more better.

You are expected to write the component of the application based on the features you find available in the application and what you could write or state about the application as a whole not copy and paste.

Your contribution is not informative and detailed enough, you should elaborate on every segment of the contribution and explain how the feature will be actualized and state benefit that will make the feature very important if implemented.

According to Utopian guideline

Suggestion of trivial and/or very common features in similar/alternative apps will not be considered for potential reward.
If you can compile 3-4 little suggestions like this on a project and make it very informative, descriptive and realistic with nice benefit it might have the chance of getting rewarded

Don't consider this a wasted effort because i really appreciate your effort, All you need is to improve and make your future contributions superb

Thank you!!!

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So finally u do Go back to coding leave market for @smithmadu and @slauboy nice one, you just gave me an idea on what to post next after my 7days music challenge

finally the boy wrote !!!
good to have you back padi e