Guitaroid: App Crashes Upon Multi-tap

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What is Guitaroid?

Guitaroid is an opensource virtual-guitar app. You can download the app here.

Expected behavior

The app should run as usual upon tapping multiple-strings at the same time in succession.

Actual behavior

The app repeatedly crashes upon tapping multiple strings simultaneously in quick succession (which is a very common action for virtual guitar apps).

How to reproduce

Just download the latest version of the app on Playstore, open it and click Virtual Guitar section. Then tap multiple strings at the same time on any chord.

  • App Version: 1.1.5
  • Phone: Samsung Galaxy J7+ (SM-C710F/DS)
  • Android Version: 7.1.1

Recording Of The Bug


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@imwatsi wasn't utopian rule broken here? or did you not check? the app was last updated May 8, 2014. and more so, he failed to state the app version on his post. can you please explain further why this post should be approved. thanks

Submissions must Include information about the debugging technical environment such as Device, Operating System, Browser and Application versions used.

This contribution should not have been approved as it does not meet the rules and the project is not active. The repository of this app is which is from 2014.

The repository is for the new version that has not been released yet. There is a link to the newer repository in yet the app itself is still from 2014.

Bugs should be reported directly to GitHub at the moment.

You can contact us on Discord.

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