[Feature Suggestion] Travel Diary Template for Travel-it-iOS App

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Travel-it is an app for helping steemit travel bloggers. One common challenge for travel bloggers is how to efficiently organize the photos and sequence of events that happened on the trip. Normally, all photos are lumped up in the gallery or camera folder and it's hard to know which photos came from which place, and it's hard to remember what exactly happened or how you felt when the photo was taken especially for a long trip with many destinations.


Include a Travel Diary Template in the app in order to organize the blog during the actual trip. When a travel blogger reaches a destination, the app allows taking pictures and adding corresponding descriptions/captions or story about that picture within the app. The user can then save it and add more inputs on the next destination. The app then creates a ready-to-post formatted blog based on the travel diary.

Mockups / Examples



The travel diary would make it more convenient for travel bloggers to document their trip, organize their photos, and improve their travel blogs.

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The application is mainly to help steemit users in the travel niche. You can view trending posts in the travel niche. You are advised to always use an application before making a suggestion.

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Have you read their roadmap? The project owner mentioned he would add more features on this app since moderators pointed out that it is simply a browser for steemit posts and doesn't have unique value proposition. That's why we call it "suggestion" because it doesn't exist yet. Think again.

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