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RE: Ep.2 Commands & Feature | Supbot Whatsapp Chatbot API

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Thank you for your contribution @adam-saudagar,

I can see great improvement in this tutorial as you put effort to make the changes from the last 2 tutorials.

  • You have also put in the effort to create some caption slides so that people can follow your teaching easier

  • I know it is difficult for people whose English is their second language, so English is something you need to work on. I can hear that you have been more careful with your diction and in your expressions.

  • What you may not be aware of is that English has phrasing. Many languages do as well but phrasing in English is very important to make your speech to flow. I know that you are wanting to do a series of tutorials on this subject, so you can work on your phrasing as you teach in these tutorials. English words do not sound good one by one. They don't flow. So what you need to do is to find the right pauses between a group of words and that is how you phrase. You can listen to some of my tutorials. I don't go: da da da da da ..... like this. I go: dadadada dadada dadadad.

  • It is like singing. You don't sing words. You sing phrases to communicate an idea.

I hope this is helpful to you but I want to congratulate you for putting in the effort to make this tutorial more pleasant for learners.

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Thanks for the review, will work on my English skills

I love that you give genuine criticism <3

Hey @rosatravels
Here's a tip for your valuable feedback! @Utopian-io loves and incentivises informative comments.

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