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RE: Ep.1 Setting up Supbot | Whatsapp Chatbot API

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Thank you for your contribution @adam-saudagar. There is little improvement from your last contribution and here are a few guidelines for you to improve on your video tutorial:

  • Tutorials need to have instructions on substantial project functions that are unique and gives insight to the Open source project

  • Tutorials containing substantial instruction in ubiquitous functions or basic programming concepts (variables, operators, loops, etc.) are not qualified to be rewarded

  • You need to work on your presenting speech and pace of your teaching. When you speak too fast, it is very difficult to understand what you are saying and I have to keep rewinding to re-listen to what you are teaching.

It takes time to do well on a video tutorial as there is a lot of preparation to do in structuring the outlines, writing out the narration and planning out at least 4 to 5 'substantial concepts' for learners. I suggest that you spend time to work on your tutorial instead of submitting them within the same day. It takes a lot of sweat and days to do a quality video tutorial.


I didn't make in a day, took me a week to a make it, otherwise thanks for the review will work on the critisim

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