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RE: Release: QUIQQER 1.1 is here

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Very well presentation! Thank you for the great post.

I wish I had chance to provide more feedback about the post but it is hard since the contribution is amazing in many ways; language, wording, visuals, great structure, detailing and much more. This is the kind of blog posts that totally fits the expectancy in the category. I might show this as a good example to contributors in future. I think you can add some linking to prior posts to ease tracking for followers of QUIQQER.

I would be glad to see an option for English language in your official website to add it my list. Forgive me if I am missing it and please provide a link for.

Thank you again for the contribution, we wish you interact more with Utopian for your future blog posts.

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Thank you very much for the nice words.

Exactly, because of the English language we registered us to the VIPO project. Next week we'll see how we can create a win win situation for everyone :-)

We are unfortunately extremely busy, therefore we have not yet come to an english page :( or an english documentation. We are now at a state where other developers can use it... so we still have a lot of work ahead of us.

Thanks again for the kind words. We like to hear that and it gives us even more motivation!

Hey @roj
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