SteemWallet 1.0.1: enhancements, new features & translations now live for iOS and Android

in utopian-io •  5 months ago

When, the fast, secure and open source wallet for the Steem blockchain, was initially released about 2 months ago, I was already pretty occupied with SteemFest, but just had to finish an initial version of the project.

It is actually my first open sourced consumer oriented project and it is really inspiring to see that straight after open sourcing it, pull requests came in, both for enhancements as well as translations. Additionally the project has seen quite some feature requests and although I had reviewed and merged most of the pull requests I just did not find time to build, test and submit new versions to the appstores.

And although I have been very busy with SteemFest coming up next week (yihaaaaa!) I felt I should minimally complete a build with all accepted pull requests as well as trying to fix some bugs and easy-to-do feature requests. So I did and after a flawless review with Apple the new v1.0.1 is now live (google might still be processing).

Here is what shipped in v1.0.1 of

  1. Bugfixes & layout enhancements
  2. Added the QR-code scanner to the 'memo'-field too. Now you can for example scan that number from Binance. Suggested by @heimindanger
  3. Localised translations in French, German, Spanish and Romanian by:
languagesteem user

Thank you contributors!

After SteemFest the will get (way) more attention from me to make it a robust app for signing all kinds of Steem related transactions with your phone. Should you encounter any bugs, or have any feature requests, feel free to open an issue on the github repository!

Previous SteemWallet announcement post rewards had been donated to @t-r-f, the SteemFest Travel ReImbursement Fund. This post rewards (if any) will be split amongst the contributors and the @t-r-f account.

Download SteemWallet via!

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This looks to be a fantastic update. I wish, however, you'd given a bit more information, and maybe some screenshots.

Enjoy SteemFest. Wish I could attend.

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Thank you for your review, @didic! Keep up the good work!

Nice job man

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thx! small update only tbh but felt i really had to submit the translations which where already waiting for 6+ weeks to be merged. And then added 1/2/3 small feature fixes.

woow que bueno ver una traduccion tuya @tashidelek y conociendote me da mas confianza usar esta app


Descuida que si es creada por @roelandp siempre es de confianza. Un saludo!


Igual me encantará participar viendo el código y buscar resolver los issues

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This looks interesting but I don’t quite understand how it’s different from partiko or another Steem front end. I’m sure I’m missing something.

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Most current apps for Steem are focussed on the content consuming & creation part. SteemWallet in no-way tempts to address that feature of the blockchain.

SteemWallet is a plain straightforward "wallet" app for sending and receiving steem & sbd to encourage the use of the 3-second fast confirmation times for transactions of economic value. Its like an bitcoin or ethereum wallet.

Next to this SteemWallet will be expanded into signing all kinds of transactions (requiring an active key for example) in near future updates (after SteemFest), but will not become a content creation and consuming app like all those other frontends.


That would be the correct move.
Focus on the wallet itself. Include the market to check on the steem and sbd prices.
Improve the GUI, the design. Keep the app fast, as the transaction is fast.
I will be very much excited to see the next update on the steem wallet.

And goodluck on the upcoming SteemFest.

Thanks for the heads up! I've been looking forward to the iOS wallet for a while!

Its a amaizing opportunity to wait for us.we are really happy as a part of the way i use on Android so now i update this and use this features.. Thanks sir @roelandp

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Best thing ever created for he Steem blockchain. Thanks @roelandp

Love it since the first version.

Let me know if you plan translating it to Portuguese. I can help.

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you know portuguese? The app is opensource, instructions for translating are on the github and very much welcome! Just yesterday @dunsky for example supplied the russian translation!

Instructions for supplying a translation:

thanks for your offer!


Ok, got It. Seems fairly easy. I'm on it @roelandp

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Yes it's one of the 4 languages I speak @roelandp let me check how to do it, I'm not very GitHub savy. :)

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I am a HUGE fan of Steemwallet. Love the design of the UI and the ease of navigation. Very nice addition there with the QR code scanner. This app is much appreciated @roelandp You are a rock star ⭐️

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it will be better soon.


but thanks! :)

I am hoping for more features for this app @roelandp

Nice app! Be handy for use with Netcoins. 😎

We will wait for your project to improving steemWallet. app, after the steemfest in krakow is complete. Thank you.

Nice project.

Hi @roelandp

I have a quick question which I couldn't see answered on the app page.

Can you use SteemWallet to easily send steem/sbd to external exchanges like bittrex or binance?


sure. you can send to anyone including exchanges. it has built in check against common typo squatted usernames using the “badactors list” so in case you make a typo and the user you falsely typed happens to be a bad actor (a typo username from an exchange for example) you wont be able to send.

very good sir @rolandp. your project is really amazing. i really want to be happy as part of steemit, with the way i use it on Android.

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I liked previous version and this one is even better!)

Hi @roelandp!

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@roelandp, I've been using the Steem Wallet since the beginning of September. Should I update mt wallet or it updates itself automatically?

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idk how your phone does software updates? if automatically it should come in automatically or visit your appstore app and look for updates :)


Thank you!

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Hello Roeland, hows it going

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Hey, @roelandp!

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