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RE: Announcing ♨️ - a fast, secure and open source wallet app for the Steem blockchain (android & ios - out now)

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haha omg thanks for this. Thats the other views which should be hidden. Because you use the fullscreen mode and not the 'touchscreen' buttons, you see those. I will investigate this. thanks!

Made an issue out of it:


I used "Android Debug Bridge ADB commands" to disable the Navigation bar and the status bar. Once applied the Navigation bar on Note8 will be hidden at all time. It's a small tweak and so far so good. I also provide these commands below in case you need them.

run: adb shell settings put global policy_control immersive.navigation=apps,
run: adb shell wm overscan 0,0,0,-168

aha thx. hackor! :P so you would say the "fullscreen" mode is something you 'hacked' and is not available to all users?

Or do you mean in your most recent reply that that fixed the viewport for the app for your fullscreen mode?

looking fwd.

@carlpei can you tell me, do you first launch the app and then go to fullscreen? Is this a native option of your android device?

I want to fix this, it's pretty ugly this way.

Hi, I just installed the app. Great work by the way, thanks so much! I also use it on a Note 8, and the app natively launched showing the bottom bit 'create wallet'. We have the option to hide or show the navigation keys at the bottom. If they're turned on, the 'create wallet' section isn't visible any longer even in fullscreen mode (as it natively launched). Feel free to ask if you need more info or screenshots on this.

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