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I am gathering the data from steemsql to see how much payouts does have given to members and how much votes do does it received.

Details of analysis that i have gathered
Data gathered November 29 2:30PM UTC Time
Extracted data through steemsql .Thanks to @arcange
Checking Specific Data and Statistics for Utopian-io
Scope of Report from Start until the gathering of data

Why i generate this data?

I generate this so i can come up with a report to how much does Utopian-io progress the time it started and the time it has been fully grown. How much does it have given to members.

Payment Per Day

Note : Computed as follows : Pending Payments + Author Rewards and Curation Rewards for payments that already been processed)

As we can see on the progress at the start of the project at September 26 it has marked with Total Payout with 227.452 which makes the project a nice start.After that we have seen a slow down of rewards generated from around September 27 to Oct 2 which generates only less than 3 dollars.

There is no stability yet on the rewards generated , there are rewards that deep down below and then rise for around 100 dollars on the range days of October 3 to October 16.

Then day by day Utopian-io community are starting to gain popularity because of the works and the efforts that they have performed .Contributor, Moderators and the Overseer are giving more effort to keep the community grows.After that Utopian-io starts gaining popularity after a newsletter that Utopian-io almost reach 4 million Steem Power.

It was the biggest news that the whole Steemit members are excited because of that extreme amount of Steem Power. People now are eager to contribute after learning that they can earn by contributing.

Day by day people learn how to contribute as well as the moderators are making a full check on every contributions their members make just to ensure that all the rules are met and that the quality of the post is beyond the expectation of the mod or the post just complied the requirements just to have contributions approved.

We can see in the Table that around Oct 19 until now it is starting to gain more and more payouts and earnings which is good for both contributors and all people behind Utopian-io.

Month DayTotal Payout
Sep 26227.452
Sep 271.813
Sep 280.913
Sep 290.038
Sep 302.603
Oct 10.049
Oct 20.0
Oct 386.74
Oct 4124.282
Oct 569.299
Oct 61.218
Oct 737.773
Oct 81.528
Oct 928.537
Oct 1098.512
Oct 1131.1
Oct 120.766
Oct 131.349
Oct 14253.882
Oct 15131.035
Oct 161.482
Oct 17490.129
Oct 18279.521
Oct 19391.223
Oct 20556.255
Oct 21931.785
Oct 22993.409
Oct 23700.182
Oct 24668.777
Oct 25479.9
Oct 26693.205
Oct 27869.296
Oct 28846.48
Oct 29899.902
Oct 301588.205
Oct 31927.045
Nov 11245.692
Nov 21124.328
Nov 3886.934
Nov 4989.573
Nov 5675.807
Nov 61176.132
Nov 71971.544
Nov 81665.125
Nov 92000.484
Nov 103683.187
Nov 112528.822
Nov 122353.31
Nov 133146.347
Nov 143242.634
Nov 152550.881
Nov 162510.538
Nov 172809.693
Nov 182588.985
Nov 192756.115
Nov 204681.53
Nov 214625.564
Nov 223101.8
Nov 234259.914
Nov 244223.255
Nov 254114.055
Nov 264672.469
Nov 274581.355
Nov 282814.774
Nov 29410.078

Viewed in Line Graph

In line graph we can see visually that it has a low progress at the start but did a good jump on around Oct 16 and steadily increasing day by day. We have seen a drop down by around Nov 28 but i am sure that it will start to pick up again and regain its trend. We can see that Nov 29 is low , it is because it is around Nov 29 2:30pm i did gather that idea. I am sure that it will go pass previous day total payout.


Compare by Year

As we can see on the pie graph it is too little amount being generated on September with having only 0.26%. This can be acceptable since Utopian-io community is still developing itself and the number of contributors are not yet in high number.

There was a change when it hit October wherein it reaches 13.57% which is a really good growth and the community is starting to be known by outside people. At start people have difficulties in creating their contributions , but so people just don't give up , they learn how to improve. And now we see improvements how people create better contributions.

On November it has grabbed a total share in the pie of the amount of 86.18% which is really high compare to both September and October months. This time Utopian-io bot has a great power to upvote people and by this a tremendous increase of payment being generated everyday.

We would expect that more and more payment will be generated everyday and there will be a huge competition on all the contributors , making their contributions more quality than their previous created. Mods will be very strict also when in terms of approving , in which it is no shocking because they always maintain that all contributors that are approved and contributed to open source are all quality. Duplicates are also being checked as well as repeated tutorials with different language of the same author.


Final Analysis

  • Utopian-io payments will be huge when it hit December 2017
  • More and more quality contributions will be made by contributors
  • Moderators will be more strict than ever in checking the post.
  • With a huge amount of contributed post everyday , moderators will having a hard time keeping up.
  • Utopian-io helps the traffic as well

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