Italian Translation Report: Node.js [Part 47 - 1599TW/1208CW]

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This post is published in relation to the @utopian-io & @davinci.polyglot translation project, by a selected Translator for the Italian language



Hello everyone!
Welcome to my 47th translation report for the Node.js project!
Today I continued the file translation, completing it and starting a new file translation, completing it too.
Keep reading to check out more about this new translation report!

Project Details

Node.js is a JavaScript runtime built on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine. It uses a non-blocking event-driven I/O model, which makes it a lightweight and efficient framework. I believe in open source projects and I think it's essential to work on this great project because the package ecosystem of Node.js, called npm, is the largest ecosystem of open source libraries in the world.
Given its importance, its translation into many languages is almost due.
I'll use my skills to make an high quality translation and maybe to learn something more about Node.js world.

Contribution Specifications

Translation Overview

This is my 47th translation for the Node.js project.
Today I continued the file translation, it was very simple and I finish it without difficulties. Later I decided to start the file translation, short, full of explanatory text as the name says, it was easy to finish this file too.
Translation not too interesting but the quality and quantity levels remained in my average: 1599 total words and 1208 clean words.
In this 47th part I completed the several dgram class sockets and then I started introducing the file, translating how to contribute, which are the main stability indexes and how works the system calls (syscall).

Words left in English

This is a list of words I considered to left in English in order to give a more understandable translation.
My choice is based both on the project owners guidelines and on the web research carried out by myself.

Difficult words/sentences to translate in Italian

In this report I have not met words or sentences which put me in serious difficulty or which I have not been able to translate properly.

What did I learn new?

  • Payload - What is the Payload and what is its role in it is the part of transmitted data that is the actual intended message. Headers and metadata are sent only to enable payload delivery.
    In the context of a computer virus or worm, the payload is the portion of the malware which performs malicious action.
    The term is borrowed from transportation, where payload refers to the part of the load that pays for transportation.
  • Loopback - What is the Loopback and what is its role in it refers to the routing of electronic signals, digital data streams, or flows of items back to their source without intentional processing or modification. This is primarily a means of testing the transmission or transportation infrastructure.
    Many example applications exist. It may be a communication channel with only one communication endpoint. Any message transmitted by such a channel is immediately and only received by that same channel. In telecommunications, loopback devices perform transmission tests of access lines from the serving switching center, which usually does not require the assistance of personnel at the served terminal. Loop around is a method of testing between stations that are not necessarily adjacent, wherein two lines are used, with the test being done at one station and the two lines are interconnected at the distant station. A patch cable may also function as loopback, when applied manually or automatically, remotely or locally, facilitating a loop-back test.
  • Hop - What is a Hop and how they works with TTL in it is one portion of the path between source and destination. Data packets pass through bridges, routers and gateways as they travel between source and destination. Each time packets are passed to the next network device, a hop occurs. The hop count refers to the number of intermediate devices through which data must pass between source and destination.
  • System Call - What is a System Call (or Syscall) and how it works in it is the programmatic way in which a computer program requests a service from the kernel of the operating system it is executed on. This may include hardware-related services (for example, accessing a hard disk drive), creation and execution of new processes, and communication with integral kernel services such as process scheduling. System calls provide an essential interface between a process and the operating system.

Suggestions/Revisions for Project Owners (Pull Requests etc.)

None in this report.


Word Count

  • Total Words: 1599
  • Clean Words: 1208

Proof of Authorship

Feedback & Conclusion

Both files completed, very easy this round. I'm hoping to find something better.
What do you think about it? Did you know what I learned today?
Let me know, leave a comment below!
Thank you very much for your time and see you in the next post!


Hi @robertbira.

Congratulations on another great contribution. Your work was, once again, very good. The only two corrections I made were minor and, in one case, I simply turned the sentence around to make it sound better in Italian (but your version was no wrong, per se).

I’m looking forward to your next contribution.

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