Italian Translation Report Node.js [Part 35 - 1813TW/1145CW]

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This post is published in relation to the @utopian-io & @davinci.polyglot translation project, by a selected Translator for the Italian language



Hello everyone!
Welcome to my 35th translation for the Node.js project!
Today I continued the file translation: I got confident and learned more about it, this time it was a nice walk.
Keep reading to check out more about this new translation report!

Project Details

Node.js is a JavaScript runtime built on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine. It uses a non-blocking event-driven I/O model, which makes it a lightweight and efficient framework. I believe in open source projects and I think it's essential to work on this great project because the package ecosystem of Node.js, called npm, is the largest ecosystem of open source libraries in the world.
Given its importance, its translation into many languages is almost due.
I'll use my skills to make an high quality translation and maybe to learn something more about Node.js world.

Contribution Specifications

Translation Overview

This is my 35th translation for the Node.js project.
Today I continued the translation of the file and it was easier than expected, in fact I translated the same amount of the previous post but in less time.
I haven't encountered complicated words, indeed there have been a couple of repetitions.
The only little doubt is on a code note I will discuss below.
Overall result: 1813 total words and 1145 clean words.
In this 35th part I finished the Asynchronous Process Creation chapter translation and I started the Synchronous Process Creation chapter. It splits up for each different type of child process and its functions as the previous chapter.

Words left in English

This is a list of words I considered to left in English in order to give a more understandable translation.
My choice is based both on the project owners guidelines and on the web research carried out by myself.

Difficult words/sentences to translate in Italian

In this report I have not met words or sentences which put me in serious difficulty or which I have not been able to translate properly. It was really simple this time.

What did I learn new?

  • Command-Line Interface - What is a Command-Line Interface (CLI) and what is its role in it is a means of interacting with a computer program where the user (or client) issues commands to the program in the form of successive lines of text (command lines). A program which handles the interface is called a command language interpreter or shell (computing).
  • SHELL - What is a Shell and how to manage it through it is a user interface for access to an operating system's services. In general, operating system shells use either a command-line interface (CLI) or graphical user interface (GUI), depending on a computer's role and particular operation. It is named a shell because it is the outermost layer around the operating system kernel.
  • Event Loop - What is an Event Loop and how it works in it is a programming construct that waits for and dispatches events or messages in a program. It works by making a request to some internal or external "event provider" (that generally blocks the request until an event has arrived), and then it calls the relevant event handler ("dispatches the event").
    The event loop almost always operates asynchronously with the message originator.
  • File Descriptor - What is a File Descriptor (or FD) and how it works with child processes: it is an abstract indicator (handle) used to access a file or other input/output resource, such as a pipe or network socket.
  • IPC - What is an IPC (or Inter-Process Communication) and how it works with child and parent processes: it refers specifically to the mechanisms an operating system provides to allow the processes to manage shared data.
  • Socket - What is a Socket (or better Network Socket) and how it works with stdio file descriptors: it is an internal endpoint for sending or receiving data within a node on a computer network.

Suggestions/Revisions for Project Owners (Pull Requests etc.)

As mentioned before in the overview there is a code note on which I have doubts.
You can find it by clicking HERE, and it is the last note of the code:

// Open an extra fd=4, to interact with programs presenting a
// startd-style interface.

What exactly means " startd-style interface ", I translated it like " interface with startd style " (in Italian obviously) but I tried to find out what startd style is and I found nothing. It can be a typo and could be " start-style " or I don't know.
I will make a GitHub Pull Request.


  • Source Language: English
  • Target Language: Italian
  • Experience: You can check my experiences into my translator application

Word Count

  • Total Words: 1813
  • Clean Words: 1145

Proof of Authorship

Feedback & Conclusion

Slowly I'm learning more and more things and soon this file will be done, let's go on!
In the next post I will try to increase words amount!
But what do you think about it? Did you know what I learned today?
Let me know, leave a comment below!
Thank you very much for your time and see you in the next post!


Hi @robertbira.

Congratulations on another great contribution. I’ve got nothing to add to my earlier review of your previous report: your translation work is consistently very good.
As for the startd-style string, I share your lack of better knowledge but I think you chose the best possible translation, given the circumstances.

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Yes, maybe it's right but I made the PR to be sure. I'll notify you!
Thank you very much, I appreciate your words!
See you in the next post!

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