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Presenting a new open-source browser extension for Firefox and Chrome that will allow you to generate an on-the-fly image portfolio of and blogs. The extension can be sourced from the Firefox addons store here and the Google Chrome store here. Code repository at and


As a photographer, the development of this extension was primarily driven by my desire to better browse other photographers images on the blockchain. At present you are only presented with a single image per blog post on steemit and steempeak, although on steempeak you can enable a "slider" which allows you to scroll through a blog post's images. With the Steemography extension you can get a visual display of all images above a certain size (to filter out as many 'filler' images as possible) from posts tagged with #photography. The extension retrieves images from a blogger's last 50 posts (resteems excluded).


  • See a blogger's images from multiple photography posts on the one page
  • Click on the image to view larger
  • Click on the 'external link' icon to open the post that contains the particular image

Future Developments

  • A 'slideshow' feature that will allow you to browse through all images in fullscreen layout
  • Favourites
  • Collections
  • A better extension icon


Firefox extension -
Google Chrome extension -
Github code repository - and

And a reminder that you can get my other browser extensions:

  • SteemVP for Chrome - tells you your current voting power and voting value at adjustable voting weights.
  • SteemFeed for Chrome and Firefox - allows you to filter by tags on blogs and choose to hide resteems.
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