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RE: Steem Analytics - Distribution of Earnings

Jesus. I think I may just about sneak into that elite group.

Along with most other people who attended SF3.

You just confirmed how much of a bubble that event was.

A pleasant bubble, but a bubble now firmly popped.


I have you at around the 1500 position mark, so at the top of the second bucket for the first two weeks of September.

Although clearly for individuals the position will depend heavily upon which dates are chosen for the study and whether those dates coincide with when you were posting. It's really more of a broad-brush picture across the whole blockchain.

For author rewards there can only be a relatively small core of accounts with reasonable earnings with the Steem price at current levels. There's only a certain amount of rewards to go around. But I'll talk more about that in another post.

OK thanks for that - is that author - benificiary (ie steempress) + curation?

My steem activity has actually been quite up and down since I've been between houses, so I guess my ranking will be up and down.

Top 1500 is quite good anyway - and it's taken me a while to get even there!

So next step - bash out a bot that reports this to people once a week. Then one that compares earnings to UA... maybe develop a 'most overvalued user' ranking and get @arcange to create a new badge of honour/ shame.

This is the kind of post I've been waiting for!

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I think that it was a fairly similar ranking on author earnings (which is calculated with beneficiary deductions and voting bots removed) and on combined earnings (author plus curation rewards from your voting plus any beneficiary rewards that you receive (zero for most people)).

I think that there are quite a few complications that would need to be solved before getting an accurate individual report. I’ve made no adjustments for delegation costs for example, since these can be paid for months in advance. I have the data but it would need a lot more work!

There's many complications. As long as yer clear about the limitarions, it's very useful analysis!

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