Minecolonies PvP Event Graphics - Task Request

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Hi, we at Minecolonies will be hosting a PvP event including Minecolonies Guards and Players at the end of September.
The occation of this is that we just hit 3 million downloads of our modification.

Current planned date is the 22th

But we'd like to have some promotional assets for this.

The assets include but are not restricted to:


  • The Date is the 22nd of September, time is to be defined
  • This should include that we have prices for the first-third place.
  • The fighting would be players with their guards vs other players with their guards
  • We host the event: http://www.minecolonies.com/
  • From the discord: https://discord.gg/gA7T6ma
  • People can fight alone or in teams.
  • The server and first prize is sponsored by Creeperhost which should have a small place in the bottom of the poster
  • At least 3 different versions.
  • Poster (A4) + Banner (16:9)
  • Web-quality

A Small Video: (Optional)

  • Up to 30s
  • Including the specifics of the poster.
  • Similar style of the poster
  • Example of an event promo video:

Assets: (Optional)

Additionally, it would be nice to have assets as but not restricted to:

  • Pause screen for live streams
  • Intro for the videos of the event
  • Cut animations between scenes


The deadline is quite short since the event is the end of the month the deadline will be Sunday the 9th.

About us:

Our website:

Our youtube:

You can get in touch with us via the comments or via our Discord: https://discord.gg/gA7T6ma



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Hello, @raycoms I was trying to talk to you on discord but you never answered, I design a proposal poster for your TR, I need your feedback to finish it.

This is the design again:


Hello camiloferrua,
you can make a full post. Remember the requirement
"Make at least 3 versions." - these should have different layouts and colors.


All right, I'll design the three versions and I'll make the publication, thanks my friend.

Thanks for sharing this content

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Sorry I didn't understand what TR is about. I'm finding out today. The main art is a POSTER?


Yes, exactly, about an event of a Minecraft modification


Will you extend the deadline? Maybe you can show me some references you like.


Since the event is in two weeks from now it's really difficult since we need the posters soon. I think a normal event poster template is quite cool. Although, I don't have any experience with graphics, that's why I made a task request


Yes, I understand you, but having a reference would help me work faster, you don't have to know about design, you can just pass me 2 posters that you like very much and that are similar to what you want.


Hello @raycoms, this is my proposal to your TR.

Next time consider to publish your task request with a longer deadline to be able to develop better design proposals. I hope you like it. Tell me if you want to make modifications.

poster mine fest222-01.jpg

Other of my proposals @raycoms

poster mine fest 2-02.jpg


That one looks way more like it already! I enjoyed it! Good job


Hello @raycoms, I did a third proposal, I think now the idea would be for you to choose a proposal to work on and complete it.

My third proposals @raycoms

poster mine fest 3-2-03.jpg

Hello @raycoms, this is the edited poster: