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Insert future banner here later.

Hey everyone,

We at Minecolonies decided recently to give our group of developers a real name. We decided on this since for the last years we weren't only developing minecolonies but also other Minecraft modifications, and other applications which are not Minecraft related like ChatChain which enables you to connect different chat services and even game chats.

After a long week struggling to find a matching name we went for:

Let's Dev Together

Or short: LDT

We decided on this name since we're not only developing open-source applications for quite a while (over 4 years) but also became kind of a family.

Our group is open to devs independent of their abilities and experience. We try to be helpful and understanding and also try to include new members as experienced as possible into our group.

For example, several people who contributed to our project already had never programmed any java application before. Nevertheless, after a few weeks, they were able to contribute a bunch of things.

Now, since we decided on this name, we also would like a nice Logo to go with it.


Two logos:

  • One small logo with fewer details for things like favicons.
  • One Big logo for the website, wiki, Discord, etc.

One banner:

  • One possible concept could be if the logo is like a scene representing our group on which the banner could expand on.

The Logo should embody our "Openness" and "Family of Coders Spirit".
Additional details which might be helpful:

  • Our projects include, but are not restricted to Minecraft
  • All our projects are open source
  • Our team members are from around the globe (Brazil, USA, Germany, Netherlands, Papua New Guinea, ...)

End Product

For the end product, we'd like a vector graphic which enables us to easily resize it, if necessary.


This Logo will be added to our Homepage, discord, wiki and probably also to the GitHub repository.


We had thought about a deadline of around 1 weeks for this logo.
Of course, when it needs longer but turns out amazing we still might accept it.


You can get in touch with us via the comments or via our Discord: https://discord.gg/zjA75K8

Our GitHub


Minecolonies Github:


My GitHub


Minecolonies Website



This task request is now open.

  • Deadline: Only post submited between 3rd June 00:00 UTC and 7th June 23:59 UTC can be reviewed.

  • Be sure to read the requirements carefully. Make one version of logo for favicon. Must work in 32x32px and one version for bigger applications.

  • Text of the logo is "LetsDevTogether" - make sure this text is readable.

Hello @raycoms
here is my contribution for "lets Dev Together" Task Request
feel free to leave me some feedback for design improvement :)

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 13.17.40.png

Hey there! I'm Asherslab, i'm apart of the LDT Team, we just noticed your work and we like it quite a bit! However, we are a little bit... Hesitant, about the mix of the Soni blue and the Purple. Do you have anything any other colours you think would work?

Thanks very much!

thanks for feedback @asherlab, oke maybe i will back with some change of design that maybe would work

So fast, salute...

Hi, how are you?
I hope you like my proposal. What do you think?

I read that you like blue. Circles mean people who share ideas. The ideas are in the center in the form of rounded rectangles that will be added later in the application. Represents the open source and the union to improve.

@raycoms here is my entry
The logo comprise of < > and [] since this are one of the most widely use programing language for java script. The description of the logo is based on two individual making successful effort to ensure a successful project. As two is better than one, which i believe is what your project is also all about. If you want any adjustment i will be glad to make it happen as soon as possible.

Here is a preview of it favicon version on chrome browser via pc.


Hello @raycoms, here is my logo design for LDT. This Logo Design is Modersn and Minimalist, also based on Gridline and Responsive Logo Designs.

  • Logo View.


  • Responsive contextual example

Responsive contexttual logo example.png



OK, that it. Lets give me a feedback. Thanks.

Soo, myself and another one of the Devs are a little bit lost for words on how to describe it.
In basic:
It's absolutely Beautiful (there were a few obscenities in between "absolutely" and "Beautiful")
Well done! Hopefully the rest of the team will like it too!
Actually constructive things for anyone wondering why:

  1. Really love minimalism, wow you hit it.
  2. Colours you chose are Great, love the mixes with Black and Blue (love that blue)
  3. You went above and beyond on this submission, Scene's and Profile pictures!
  4. Honestly It's great!

Another thing, just kinda thought of this =D
The language that we're generally using is Java, in this language { } and [ ] are used A lot more than < > ({ } the most). If you have any ideas on incorporating that too, that'd be awesome =D
Although, i'm not sure how that'd like comparatively (Not a graphic designer myself)

haha.. really

Thanks for feedback. I will write a post. And i will post also contructions process.

Hey @podanrj, we just finished voting and the result was quite clear. We want to congratulate you for your great design we really enjoyed it. The competition was tough but your design really stuck out.
Please tell us how we can contact you so you can send us the vector graphics and original files.


The LDT Team.

(Self voted to bump for visibility)

Hy. @raycoms, thanks for stoping by. The original file you can fond in my post. And if you want some improvment . Please dm me in discord. podanrj#0001

Hi, just found it myself, thanks. Will contact you on discord if we need anything else.
Thanks for the great contribution to our project.

You are welcome 😁

This is what I have done some time ago, give me feedback if you offer any improvements.

Hi @raycoms here my logo contribution for your community, notify me if you want me to publish my proposal. Thank you for the opportunity to contribute in your community.

Hi Sir @raycoms , here's my design contribution to your awesome group. best regards!


Hello, this is my proposal! It basically consists of symbols {} adapted to look like an icon.




2nd Proposal of designs, Thank you!
-Logo Mark & Logo Type

  • Banner

Hello @raycoms, here are my proposed designs. Feel free to suggest any modification you want. Thank you. My idea is based on this concept "</>", and as you can see, these are persons, hand in hand in making things possible. They are open with each other making the job as seamless as possible.


Hello sir @raycoms , It is the contribution of the logo I want to propose to this task request. If there any revision, please just tell it.


Logo When Used as Favicon


Featured Graphic Banner (1024 px X 500 px)


You can see the detail on this post

Greetings @raycom, This is my proposal for your project, The logo created consist of people embracing the codes together as one. Let me have your suggestions, Thank You!

Hello, Sir. I've created logo as my proposal for your task request. Hope you like it :)

LetsDevTogether ver. 1.png

Link: https://steemit.com/utopian-io/@anharismail/logo-design-proposal-for-letsdevtogether-task-request

Good day sir @raycoms I would like to share my design for "Let'sDevTogether" The Idea follows this symbols "[><]" there are 2 designs the first one is with a globe in the center and the second design is without a globe in the middle. You can see 2 persons interlocking their elbows in the design that shows "openness" and a "Family of Coders Spirits".

hi @raycoms, this is my link for your task request logo, https://steemit.com/utopian-io/@ivannewgate89/task-request-logo-for-letsdevtogether-ldt

best regard, lets dev together ;)

Here is my entry @raycoms.

Hello. here is my contribution, I hope you like it.


Hi here's my contribution link

Hello @raycoms ...

Here is my design... you can give me your feedback about the design :)...





LOGO DESIGN_LetsDevTogether_idea concept.jpg

Hi @raycoms
here is my contribution. feel free to provide feedback for my design.


Hi @raycoms, i had already authored a post and here is the link, Thank you!

My Contribution I hope you like it in the link you can see more details of the contribution. If you want any change do not hesitate to say it. Greetings.

presentacion para github.png

Hello @raycoms, here are two logos am proposing...

Lets Dev.png

Hey @raycoms
Thanks for contributing on Utopian.
We’re already looking forward to your next task request!

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