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Your contribution cannot be approved yet because it does not have proof of work. See the Utopian Rules.

Since your steemit name and github account are not the same, as well as protection for the github project owner, please provide proof that you and github committer are the same by providing a logged in sessiom in github or updating your github profile.

Please edit your contribution and add proof (links, screenshots, commits, etc) of your work, to reapply for approval.

You may edit your post here, as shown below:

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Hi, I updated my profile on github and I made notice about author in LICENSE file, both with screenshots in the article above.

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Może powinieneś nagrać na youtube instruktaż steema po polsku, co prawda jest jeden ale Twój mógłby być bardziej rozbudowany. Myślę, że cieszyłby się popularnością :) i zyskałbyś dodatkowych fanów.

Thank you for the contribution. It has been approved.

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Thank you :)