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Project Details:

Even after translating this project we will still have some people who won't understand what is Verto about since it is something specialized, but still it is not difficult at all to be understood. all what you have to know at first is that Verto is a wallet.
"verto is your gateway into volentix".
"When a trade is made on Vdex, the funds are temporarily locked until either the transaction is completed and the new funds become available, or the transaction is cancelled and funds are again available."


Translation Overview:

This project was translated from English language to Arabic language to provide a better knowledge about Verto for the users who practice in Arabic.
as a general idea "Verto is a multi-currency wallet that will allow access to the Vdex. Private keys are maintained in this wallet and are accessible only by its owner. Verto will also have integrative functionality of other DApps like orderbook settlement from VDEX and a crypto ratings and rankings dashboard from Vespucci."

During my translation i faced some small issues that forced me to interfere in the phrases such as:
You must wait an hour between before requesting a new address. i thought there is no place for the word between in the translation so the sentence in Arabic was as follow:
يجب عليك الإنتظار لمدة ساعة قبل طلب عنوان جديد.
in the other hand i had to differentiate between the words Backup and Back up to deliver the idea in the best available way.


Additional information:

  • Total words translated: 1148
  • The number of duplicates and untranslatable words: 12
  • Final word count: 1136


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Hi, @rabihfarhat,

Thank you for working on the Verto Project. I personally tried to add a few screenshots of the wallet to make it easier for people to exactly know the context. Nonetheless, I was not able to find the location of all strings by only using the wallet. I was able to get a clear idea about the context of a few ambiguous strings just by reaching out to the project owner which I really encourage you to do in your future contributions. You can also investigate the context of a string by having a look at the repo of the project, or by just reading the file used for the translation on Crowdin.

Apart from some minor issues, you provided a very good translation. I may advise you to proofread your work again before posting your contribution, this will allow you to affine the translation even more. Doing so will also allow you to detect minor issues such as typos, whitespaces, etc.

  • You can try and use 'Grammarly' for it will greatly improve your writing skills, and help you detect mistakes in your presentation.
  • I am still for the PO to provide a final confirmation regarding the context of a few strings to finalize the decision.

Thank you again for your contribution. I am looking forward to your next one.

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Thank you for these advices @dr-frankenstein 👍🏼


Thank you for your review, @dr-frankenstein! Keep up the good work!

Great Job @rabihfarhat. Interesting article to read 😁


Thank u for passing by my friend

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