Dockerizing DTube Community Support for easier installation

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DTube Community Service (DCS) is a project launched by @evildido (who is also a witness, if you have some votes left, please consider his witness) who wanted to help the IPFS network (used by DTube for hosting video files) by creating an node that would pin new videos added to specific Steemit tags. DTube, apparently, deletes non popular videos from their node after couple of weeks (cf this reddit discussion). This means, if no videos are on any nodes, they won’t be able to play, ever again. By pinning the videos, DCS keep them alive for longer, until you decide to unpin them.

New Features

This pull request makes it possible to easily spin up a VPS with both IPFS and DCS instances running in no time thanks to the magic of containers provided by Docker.

  • A Dockerfile has been added to build a Docker image of DCS. Edit the config.json before you do a build.
  • A docker-compose.yml file has been added to easily create containers and virtual network for both projects to run and communicate with each other

The installation steps and available commands are available in the README file on the GitHub repo. In a nutshell, all you need are:

  • a server or VPS with Ubuntu 16.04 (I have not tested other distros)
  • install Docker and Docker Compose
  • clone the DCS GitHub rep
  • customise config.json
  • run docker-compose build
  • run docker-compose up -d

As part of my Steem Witness has project, I have installed three nodes with IPFS + DCS to help @teamaustralia and @teamnz keep their DTube videos up for longer.

One of the instance is my personal laptop, the second one is on my dedicated server which inuse for hosting various websites and the third and new one is a Sydney instance of a AWS EC2 on the free tier which will be renewed next years if all goes well.

Here is a screenshot of what has been pinned:
Dtube Community Support DCS Pinned video.jpeg

GitHub repo:

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Thank you for the contribution. It has been approved.

How can someone contribute to this project?

You can contact us on Discord.

Thank you. I just added the repo to the description (which I forgot).

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I trust your judgement. I will vote for @evildido

thx !

Thanks mate

I've tried to run this bot for few days. According to IPFS stats, download is much bigger than upload. So I'm not sure that it adds some value to the DTube. Please explain if i'm wrong.

I'm still very new to IPFS and still learning about how it functions so I'm not 100% what would be the caus e of this.

  • could it be that your instance has downloaded and cache recent videos but somehow they have not been requested often from your node? This could be because the videos are not popular or maybe most people who watch those videos are not close enough to your node?

Anyway, I've done a little bit of research to try answer that question and found this:

I've also noticed the same thing on my three instances. The other observation I have is on my AWS EC2 free tier instance, I only have 1GB of RAM and IPFS is using all of it, I started using SWAP but it does only help a bit. They still need some improvement.

In fact, Dtube does not persist content more than 3 months.

See the following video of @karensuestudios.

There are a lot "old" videos" than can not be viewed because dtube unpin it.

My bot run on #fr tag and will persist videos more than 3 months.

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