RE: How much automation is on Drugwars with scripts and bots?

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How much automation is on Drugwars with scripts and bots?

in utopian-io •  3 months ago 

Any scripting gives an advantage to small pool of players, so it is a form of cheating!

When you do some scripting in a normal game I can accept that because other players are only loosing their time. The difference between normal game and drugwars is that here you are awarded with real money (steem is just like money), so it is not a cheating but obviously it can be called form of steeling from others.

Imagine what would happen if come to casino (where you can also win real money) and cheat there or just use some tools to win more?

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  ·  3 months ago (edited)

Precisely. =) And when laws become very conformable dealing with these techs, it will be crime! Write that down! 🤣 - I am joking with it, but its not that far away to happen... and its pretty easy to do/implement.

You have a valid point here. However, I think such automation merely will force the Drug Wars team hand to make the game less two-dimensional and introduce other ways to make money and grow, invalidating the need for automating heist invests or unit creation.

It's a flawed game right now.

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