Air-Clinic The first decentralized health care platform on the Steem Blockchain (Episode 1)

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Hello, its @princekelly, and am back with a new article on open source projects which has a lot to offer regarding health on the Steem Blockchain.


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@ned talked about, how the Steem Blockchain is a platform full of opportunities at a Gopak/Steemit meetup in Korea, speaking to over a thousand investors and potential content creators. The Gopak/Steemit meetup revealed a lot of possibilities if we all can key into the opportunities laying in wit for us on the Steem Blockchain and this article is somewhat related to this opportunity being talked about by @ned.
This article is about the first open source health platform on the Steem Blockchain. However it started off as a community on discord, I have been a member of this health community for the past seven months on discord. I don’t know why it took me so long to write about this great platform. In this article, I would be sharing my thoughts and experience about this great platform called AIR-CLINIC.
A wise quote by Denis Waitley

Time and health are two precious assets that we don’t recognize and appreciate until they are being depleted.

According to the World Health Organization, it states health as a state of complete physical, mental, and social well being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

What is Air-Clinic

Air-Clinic is the first health facility on the Steem Blockchain, where everyone, can seek quality health care service from anywhere in the world. It is a place where health enthusiasts can get involve and get rewarded for their participation in health-related matters. The platform is the total package of human well being, from the physical, mental and social well-being of each. It started out from a well-managed discord server to what we have today in its website and mobile applications.

Aim of Air-Clinic

Air-Clinic aims to reduce central control of health care by its decentralized platform which would, in turn, increase the medical sector functionality worldwide. To pave the way for the health sector to key into the possibilities made available by the Steem Blockchain and the future payment for health care via cryptocurrency. Air-clinic is building a system where people have easy access to quality Healthcare service, and also gets incentives for living healthy and sharing of quality, healthy living articles via the Air-Clinic platform on Steemit.

Can I join Air-Clinic?

Air-Clinic is for everyone in the world, located online on the Steem Blockchain.
Ever needed an expert opinion or advice on some health-related issues or as a tourist, needing help on locating the nearest hospital? Air-Clinic has got you covered.
Health practitioners in any field, health enthusiasts, health promoters, investors, are all welcomed on Air-Clinic; get quality health service.
The Air-Clinic community is always expanding, to get more countries involved in this beautiful project. So far, it has evolved into the following countries from Nigeria to Ghana, India, Kenya, Philippines, Spain, South-Africa, Mexico, Cuba, Venezuela and Zimbabwe.
The Nigerian team leader is @nairadaddy.
The Ghanian team leaders are @richforever & @mcsamm.
The Indian team leader is @amarbir.
The Kenyan team leader is @mutitum.
The Spanish team leader is @Leonellaforever.

Aim of expansion

To teach people about health in their native language.

  • To create an environment where people of different race, religion, and ethnicity can relate together on health issues.
  • To help market the Steem Blockchain globally via the health sector, making it more acceptable and increase in general value.
  • Provide quality health care to the world.

How to participate

It is quite simple, create your Steemit account if you don’t have an account, join the Air-Clinic [discord server], check out each room on the server and display your skills according to the room details, remember to follow the room rules. There are a lot of activities lined up to engage its members in the discord server.
Users can participate in competitions, which rewards participants. You can also join by writing and posting quality health articles. Post daily health status via the Air Clinic App, Quality health posts are eligible for curation/ curated by the community curating platform, the Air-Curie.
You can download the Air-Clinic app from your device play store or the Air-Clinic website. It is currently available on Android devices, would make available on IOS devices before the end of October.

The Air-Curie

It is the curation body of the Air-Clinic, where it finds quality health posts to reward with Upvote and the right exposure. This exercise helps to encourage writers to keep writing quality health articles for the benefits of others.
The top 10 health articles in a week are featured on the Air-Clinic weekly blog post and submitted to more prominent curators like @curie, @stemng, @steemstem, @cod for more rewards. Authors are advised to use the following tags in their health articles, #Air-Clinic, #Health, #SteemStem.

Air-Clinic daily activity schedule

Day of the WeekTopic/Theme
MondayMen's Health/Health News
TuesdayOpinion Poll/Health Forum
WednesdayWomen's Health/Children's Health
ThursdaySexual Health
FridayFirst Aid/Emergencies
SaturdaySocial/Mental Health
SundayMedical Research/other business

My favorite activities come up on Thursdays and Saturdays, sexual health and social/.mental health, these are my core areas of interest.

Air-Clinic Team

The team comprises of three unique individuals.

  1. The Founder and lead developer: Dr. George Edeh, a medical practitioner in Nigeria and a blockchain developer. Whom we know on as @nairadaddy on Steemit, and an ambassador at @steem-ambassador
  2. Co-founder & medical advisor: Dr. Blessing Ogbonnaya, a dental surgeon, and tech lover. Know on Steemit as @thelovejunkie; she is the director of medical affairs.
  3. Co-founder & business advisor: Mr. Ejemai Joseph, a great ambassador at @steem-ambassador, a prominent investor and promoter of Steemit in Nigeria. He is the director of business affairs.

    Air-Clinic and Actifit

    Actfit is another open source fitness project which is based on the physical aspect of health, in promoting physical well being of users. Users can benefit a lot from the [Actifit] fitness scheme, which encourages users to perform minimum basic activities in boosting their physical health. While users get rewarded for their daily activities, However Air-Clinic isn’t based only on physical well being but as well on the mental and social well being of its users.
    Actift has a nice SMT program for its users, where delegators receive, but the Air-Clinic has a more robust SMT program for its users. Air-Clinic introduce a big bounty campaign to reward for its users, creating a lot of medium in which users get their token for free.
    Actifit is on Android and IOS devices; Air-Clinic is on Android, coming soon on IOS devices.
    I love the daily update news from Actifit on their @actifit account.
    [Air-Clinic] has over 1,921 members on its discord server and Actifit has over 540 members on its [discord server], as at the time of writing this article. Both projects have some cool, distinctive emoji on their discord chat.
    I love the number of activities available on the Air-Clinic app, to make sure users spend more quality time on the platform and get rewarded.

    Some Features of the Air-Clinic App


    • Air-Clinic Social: In this section of the app, I can find various articles on health and posts relating to Air-Clinic.


    • Doctor On Duty: In this sections, we can chat or make a video call with the doctor on duty, regarding any health issues or challenges. It is a 24 hours service where different doctors take turns at attending to users.

    • Post Health Status: This section allow users like me, post about our health update and broadcasted to our Steemit blog page from the app. There is a bounty going on currently for making use of this section, called the Health Status Challenge, Where users get Aircoin and upvotes.

    • Submit Health Article: in this section, I can create quality health posts, and it would undergo review within 24 to 48 hours by the Air-Clinic moderating team before being broadcast to the Steem Blockchain. Read the posting guidelines here. The writing pad has a sophisticated writing toolbox, which I like a lot.

    • Active Members: In this section, you would able to see other users of the app and add as friends.

    • Chat and Interact: This is where I can chat with each other, via the message box.

    • User Activity: I can see all my activities on the app and also update my status message to my profile.

    • Profile Settings: This is where I write more details about myself, change my password and upload pictures to my profile.

    • Aircoin Wallet: This is where I see my token balance amount and check my point transaction details.

    • Aircoin Leaderboard: In this section, a list of delegators is available and the amount of Aircoin received per delegation. Currently, Air-Clinic has 3 top delegators of 1000 Sp each, @lukestokes, @ejemai, @bitshares101. The delegation ratio to Aircoin is in ratio 1:10. 100 Sp gets you 1000 Aircoins, Monthly.

    • Screenshot_20181002-124256.png

      My suggestions to improve Air-Clinic

      • I would love to see Air-Clinic as a registered company in Nigeria under the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), this could be extended to other countries as the company evolves. I see this as a great step towards actualizing the aims and hopes of Air-Clinic, which would, in turn, increase the awareness of the Steem Blockchain, bringing in new investors and content developers all over the country and also, increase the Steem value.
      • The App’s UI should be improved greatly to attract more users, though I am not a developer yet I feel more could be done.
      • A medication section should be added into the app, to help patients take their medications rightly. Most people around me tend to misuse their drugs; all for different reasons, The medication section could avoid drug misuse.
      • Users should be able open links from the app on their favorite browsers.


        Air-Clinic is a massive project which needs the support of everyone, from investors to health practitioners, content developers, promoters, software developers. The project would benefit everyone immensely. Its contribution to the value of the Steem Blockchain would be tremendous.
        Thank you @nairadaddy for the Air-Clinic project.


        Phone: +234 7038304302

        Email: [email protected]

        Facebook: Air-Clinic Facebook

        Twitter: Air-Clinic Twitter


        • Images in this post were screenshots from my pc and mobile device.
        • @air-clinic.

        Series Backlinks

        This is the first episode in my Air-Clinic series. In the next episode, I would write more on the [Air-Clinic] token; Aircoin.

        Thank you for reading, until next time, Stay informed and health on Air-Clinic.

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This is a very comprehensive post, which details much of what we know about Air-clinic.

There are, however, some areas where I would advise improvement in future posts. You write in the preface that you will be sharing you experience with the platform. But you do very little of that. Most of your experience is limited to the suggestions at the end. I would have liked to see that throughout the post. As it is, this post is mostly a collection of information available elsewhere.

I would also suggest putting more effort into style, grammar, and proofreading. Possibly using a tool such as Hemingway. I would be happy to provide some examples of these issues in a follow-up comment, if you wish.

Finally, why is there such a huge space between the end of the text to the end of the post?

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Thank you, you don't need my permission to drop your inputs. Please do, I always value it.
I saw the large space late and due to the HF20 update, I don't want to waste Mana.


@ned talked about, how

I'm usually telling people to add commas, but this is one place where no comma is needed.

laying in wit

Two issues here. First, that's the wrong expression. It's a negative expression, which is not what you were going for. Also, you dropped an "a" in "wait."

Steem Blockchain and this article

Before the "and" here is a good place for a comma. Although I'd really prefer if you split the sentence into two sentences.

However it started off as a community on discord, I have been a member of this health community for the past seven months on discord.

This needs a comma after "however." The comma you do have there should be a period.

In this article, I would be sharing

Not would. Will.

These are the examples from your first paragraph. You can do better than this.

Thank you, would do better

Thank you for your review, @didic!

So far this week you've reviewed 15 contributions. Keep up the good work!

Hello @Princekelly,
Thank you for writing such a comprehensive post about Air-Clinic. Pls submit it via the app so our users can read it as well. Also it will help you earn more Aircoin tokens for the good works! 🏥💲💙

Thank you, would do that.

Well written and structured

Thank you,
Good job with the Ghanaian section of Air-Clinic.

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