Korean Translation for 5 chapters in Go Programming Language Specification

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Project Details

golangkorea/golang-spec is for the korean translation project of Go Programming Language Specification.

Programmers must read a programming language specification document even if they have expert-level skill because it includes philosophy, underlying concepts which has own.

In order to provide a better understand and intuition for many korean software developers, Korea Golang community get started to translate this document.

For a readability and accessibility, we provide the results on GitBook.

Links related to the translation

Source Language


Translated Language


Number Of Words

Appending to and copying slices
  • total : 445 words
  • not included (such as code paragraphs) : 78 words
  • translated : 367 words
  • total : 80 words
  • not included (such as code paragraphs) : 0 words
  • translated : 80 words
Handling panics
  • total : 323 words
  • not included (such as code paragraphs) : 13 words
  • translated : 310 words
Making slices, maps and channels
  • total : 290 words
  • not included (such as code paragraphs) : 0 words
  • translated : 290 words
Manipulating complex numbers
  • total : 336 words
  • not included (such as code paragraphs) : 10 words
  • translated : 336 words

Number of words translated on this contribution: 1383 words

Proofread Words

1383 words : No pending reviews

Previous translation on the same project

This is the first contribution for this project.

Number of words translated on the project before this report (if any): 0

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