Thank you for the contribution. It has been approved.

A few suggestions for you

  • Please include a LICENSE file.
  • Please make your readme more detailed with installtion instructions.


You can contact us on Discord.

Thank you very much for the approval. I'm going to add a license and an explanation README right now, thanks for the advice!

Edit : License and README added :-) !

Like your contribution, upvote.

Thank's :-) ! Don't hesitate to appropriate it for yourself ;-) !

Hi @planetenamek,
Great tooling !
Just curious also :
The bot interacts with the Steem blockchain to retrieve some interesting data about users and recently posted articles.
How are you querying the Steem blockchain ?

Hi @dbddv01,

To interrogate the blockchain Steem, I use SteemJS which has all the necessary functionalities to reach the result obtained so far and for the next improvements I am preparing.

The documentation is not perfect but it is a good starting point. -->

Here you will find almost all the information you need to interact with the blockchain and especially to prepare your development environment.


And here's an example:

steem.api.getAccounts(['ned', 'dan'], function(err, response){
console.log(err, response);
With this little bit of code you get a lot of data on @ned and @dan's accounts.

You also have all the code I used to run this bot on Github. You can appropriate it and modify it as you like, it's not very complicated so don't be afraid to explore the code.-->

If you want to test the bot don't hesitate to join us on the Discord Server created especially for the test. If the bot is offline send me a notification to activate it. I didn't host it online so it's not accessible 24/7 but it won't be long now :-)! -->

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me. Thank you for your comment and see you soon

We're looking for a custom Discord bot that can (among other things) give a random generated code to a user then check the STEEM blockchain for a payment amount and that code in the memo field from that user to our account.

If you can help let us know so we can discuss further, thanks!

Hello, it's quite possible, unfortunately I couldn't be available until March 1st. If you can wait until then I'll be happy to give you some help to do that.

thank you, your post