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I'm continuing development of my project Social Meal, Web API Part. Today I want to present some bug fixing and new features.

Bug Fixes

  • What was the issue(s)?
    There was a conflict between project with unit test and Visual Studio 2017 with Resharper. Noone test wanted to run.

  • What was the solution?
    The solution was to deleted MSTest library from project and add new library - XUnit. The problem with MSTest and Resharper is popular and in the next Resharper update will be fixed, but now it is imposible to run unit test so I had to change the test library.

All changes connected with this problem you can see in this commit:

New Features

In this contribution i focused about add new features witch are Events. Events are one of the most important futures in this application. This is the Web API project my role is to taking data from application, save it in database, make some logic operation with then and return if they are needed. In this contribution I added:

  • possibility to add new event
  • possibility to change existing event
  • possibility to get own event/events
  • possibility to get details of some events




Implementation is divided into several parts. This is quite big feature so I had to add some new classes, services, controllers and more.

  • screen with commits from github:

As You can see The implementation contains:

  • add new domain model, create migration and Fluent API for storing data in database
  • add new resources for returning data about events and prepare mapping for domain model and resource
  • add new repository
  • add new service for logic operations, connection between repository and controller
  • add new controller

Github project link: SocialMeal
Github my profile: Arkaady/piach

Commits related with this implementation:

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nice work, keep up!

Thank you for the contribution. It has been approved.

Please include in the future (or in this post) how to use the API you are developing. This would be educative and show others the ins and out of API programming.

Are you accepting contributions for others? If so, do mention it in your posts.

You can contact us on Discord.

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As usual your articles are full of benefits , thank you.

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