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I want to show you my open source project. Month ago I decided with my friend that we will make some social application. Our the best idea was Social Meal. I am developing web API in ASP.NET Core and my friend is creating Android app.

What is Social Meal?

Social meal is an application that allows people to meet at a shared meal. The main purpose of the application is to improve interpersonal relationships, make new friends and a way to spend free time. The application is dedicated to people who like to cook and willingly share a meal and also for people who like to eat well.

Current and upcoming Features

This is begining of development. At this moment project include:

  • onion architecture
  • basic model classes
  • configured Entity Framework Core with migrations
  • swagger
  • authorization with JSON Web Token (access and refresh)
  • custom error handling
  • registration new users
  • login
  • reset password
  • account service unit tests

Upcoming Features

  • creation and modification my profile
  • update avatar
  • creation event
  • searchin events by localization, food type, price
  • rating other event participant
  • login with FB, Twitter

Github link:
I have different name in Github so i put image with logged in account:


Couple of my commits:


In the future I want to make also Web application using Angular 2.
I will keep you informed about changes. If someone want to help me, just write to me.

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