STEEMIT Holmes - New user statistics and user search

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STEEMIT Holmes is your personal assistant and scout in the STEEM Blockchain, he helps you to get information out of the STEEM blockchain.
Information that is not immediately visible and difficult to obtain through the blockchain. He is like a STEEM Blockchain Explorer with Superpowers.

STEEMIT Holmes requires an S2DB instance


What feature(s) did you add?

  • New User metrics
    • Biggest transfer summary per month
    • Votes per month
    • Vote average
    • First transfers to other
    • Last transfer to other
    • First transfers received from others
    • Last transfers received from others

How did you implement it/them?

There is now a completely new menu item - user - and the search is now functional.
With the new user entry, metrics of a specific user are displayed.

  • Biggest transfer summary per month

Biggest transfer summary per month bundles all transactions per account of a month and presents the largest bundle in one diagram. For example: in one month, 10 transactions are sent to one person, these are grouped together.

Commit: 3e0f7aa

  • Votes per month

This metric represents all votes in a bar chart since the user has made. For clarity all votes are displayed monthly.

Commit: c980533

  • Vote average

This metric shows how the user's vote behavior is affected by the percentage of the votes.
Here it is clearly visible whether the user allocates rather 100% votes or 1% votes

Commit: 800fb7d

  • First transfers to other 1175a31
  • Last transfer to other bba42c1
  • First transfers received from others 7dd8964
  • Last transfers received from others 7dd8964

This metrics should be self-descriptive so far.
We display various transaction types in tabular form :D


These are metrics which are fast developed and that are no longer a big deal with an S2DB instance.
If anyone has more ideas for statistics, interesting relationships between users, which cannot be showed directly via the blockchain, just write a comment here.
We look forward to every challenge!

Thanks for reading
Hen, for PCSG Developers

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Thanks for the contribution, @pcsg-dev! Looking forward to seeing this live and what other statistics you come up with! As a side note, the linked commits don't actually link to anywhere. Also just a tiny thing: I would love it if you'd add some more comments to your code.

Keep up the good work!

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ahhhhhhhhhhhhh sorry :( ... i fixed the github links. damn, I hate that when that happens.

Also just a tiny thing: I would love it if you'd add some more comments to your code.

You really think so? Hm, The most Code are 100 liner and not more ... I just honestly don't know what to write there. With classes and deeper logic, I understand that and I also do so.

Can you give me an example of exactly what you mean?
Then I can do it a little better at later code. :-)

Is there any online hosted web page of STEEMIT Holmes?


Forgive me, but I'll copy an answer from the other post.

At the moment I don't know if we really want to make this public as a website. If there's really enough interest, I can think about it. At the moment it is for us to show why a relational database makes sense.

Thanks for your interest

Great Info........

Hey @pcsg-dev
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