QUIQQER week in review - 2019 / 11

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QUIQQER week in review - 2019 / 11




Hi all and be welcome to the QUIQQER Review 2019 / 11.

Once again you can look forward to new versions, updates and a lot of intersting stuff. We work tirelessly to create a system that brings everything you need to create an e-commerce shop, SaaS or a simple website.

This weeks Topics
  • New Versions
    • QUIQQER Frontend Users
    • QUIQQER Dashboard
    • General Updates
  • A look into the future
    • QUIQQER ERP Stack
    • Steemit Holmes
New Versions

This week there are also some updates again

  • QUIQQER Frontend Users (1.2)
  • QUIQQER Dashboard (1.0)
  • QUIQQER Utils (1.16)
  • QUIQQER Cookie Consent (1.4)
QUIQQER Frontend Users (1.2)

As already told this week, the most important update was probably of the Frontend Users module. Because we want to save you the trouble of reading everything again, we ask all of you who haven't noticed it yet to read the old announcement from the last days.

QUIQQER Dashboard (1.0)

Of course we must not forget the dashboard as the next big extension next to the frontend users. This week we released version 1.0 of the Dashboard and we are proud that QUIQQER has taken a step forward again. This module offers a real added value for all websites and shop operators.

More information about the Dashboard can be found in our announcement of the last days

General Updates

As mentioned above, the following modules have received updates:

  • QUIQQER Utils (1.16)
  • QUIQQER Cookie Consent (1.4)

In these modules pure bugfixes and stability improvements were made. Translations were edited in Cookie Consent and the Utils were extended better better and optimized test routines. All in all, the updates improve the stability of the modules and all systems should be updated to the latest version.

A look into the future

In the background, besides updates and new features, we are working on our ERP Stack. The ERP Stack includes a sleeve of modules that bring you everything you need for a successful start in the e-commerce.

Alone this huge list lets you guess what will come in the next months and what opportunities QUIQQER provides.

  • QUIQQER Areas
  • QUIQQER Currency
  • QUIQQER Discount
  • QUIQQER Products
  • QUIQQER Invoice
  • QUIQQER Order
  • QUIQQER Employee
  • QUIQQER Customer
  • QUIQQER Payments
    • Standard payment methods: Invoice, Cache, Advanced payment
    • QUIQQER Amazon
    • QUIQQER Paymill
    • QUIQQER Paypal
  • QUIQQER Watchlist
  • QUIQQER Payment Transactions
  • QUIQQER Memberships

This week we linked the memberships with the ERP plans, the first tests were successful and the deployment is planned in two weeks.

Steemit Holmes

Steemit Holmes

As announced last week we are working on a new steemit service. Our trainee works obsessively and has already implemented the first functions. The first crons are running and also the migration to QUIQQER has been implemented.

We are already quite advanced with the development and think that we can get this out within the next weeks.

Series Backlinks

Thanks alot for reading and see you next week!

Hen, for PCSG Developers


Thank you for this contribution.

Looks like it was another very busy week for the team. Once again, it is good to see all the progress being made, and you did a really good job in providing useful information about the recent developments. Your post is comprehensive and well-illustrated with quality images.

In terms of content, this was a mixed bag for me. Even though I like all the information provided, I have to admit that I wish you'd gone into detail about the new versions mentioned in your review. I also wanted to read a bit more about your personal knowledge, views and experience of working on this project. This is the kind of editorial content we like to see in blog posts.

Regardless, the post contains valuable information about the recent updates and your future plans, and it goes without saying that I appreciate the effort you put into your work.

That said, there were proofreading issues, but not to the level where it hurt the reading experience. To sum up, this was a solid overall effort, and I appreciate the information you have provided us with. I look forward to your next contribution.

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Thank you for your review, @lordneroo! Keep up the good work!

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