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Are you familiar with SoundCloud? Familiar with hosting Postcasts? DSound.Audio is an awesome app built upon the Steem Blockchain, that is just like SoundCloud but it is decentralised and creators can earn STEEM from upvotes on their content.

DSound is the brain child of Pedro @prc and the project has received funding from Steemit Inc by way of delegated power from @misterdelegation.

The aim of this analysis is to monitor the monthly activity from @dsound in terms of voting. It is also to analyse posts made via the DSound app and posts made to the DSound category on the STEEM Blockchain

This analysis will be carried out on a monthly basis so that trends can be established and growth measured.

The Data

The data from the blockchain is limited. When it comes to sharing audio for creators, metrics such as play duration and number of listeners are of critical importance if you are trying to grow your channel. However this data is not collected on the blockchain and not part of this analysis
Using PowerBI, I have connected to the SteemSQL database (paid subscription service held and managed by @arcange). You can find full details of the query used at the bottom of the article

The Analysis

February @dsound Votes Analysis


In Feb 2018 DSound voted 532 times for 2733 Authors. The average vote payout was SBD $21 and the total approx. payout given by DSound was SBD $56.82K We can also see from above that the average % voting weight used by @dsound was 9.38% and the average number of votes given per day was 97.5.

February Voting Time Series


Popular Streemers in terms of Upvotes from @DSound


DSound Tag Post Analysis


In February 13K posts were made by 3054 authors receiving 34K comments and 179K votes. The payout value of this posts is SBD $72.82K.

The average post payout in Feb for #dsound posts was $5.60 – substantially higher than the overall post payout average on the Steemit blockchain

We see above that DSound have given out approx. SBD $56.82K. That equates to 78% of the total rewards for this category/tag/app

These 13K posts received 34K comments from 7158 authors. The comments received 12K votes and received rewards of SBD $1.23K

Audio Creators

Below shows which accounts have posted the most to DSound in the month of February


And the list below shows those that engage with the posts via comments


DSound is an awesome project, receiving 13K posts in the month of Feb and voting for 2,733 of them. This means that almost 1 in 5 posts made will be voted on by @dsound. @dsound voted on average 97.5 times a day in Feb. I am not sure how much of this is manual curation – maybe someone from the Dsound team could let me know?

78% of the payout in this category comes from @dsound and for Dsound.audio to be self-sufficient this should really be lower. However there are many factors not in the data above that impacts this and right now, this is not a problem. For one – Dsound is only a baby and needs to grow and this will take time!

Welcome to the block @dsound – I wish you every success in with this project. I will be preparing this report on a monthly basis to track the progress of the project.

Do you have any questions or queries on the data above? If so, please do leave a comment below.

The SQL Queries

The SQL query used to collect data for votes made by @dsound was:

 WHERE [voter] in ('dsound')
  AND CONVERT(DATE,timestamp) BETWEEN '2018-02-01' AND '2018-02-28'

The query used to collect data for posts made to the category/tag Dsound on steemit was:

   FROM comments (NOLOCK)
  where CONVERT(DATE,created) BETWEEN '2018-02-01' AND '2018-02-28'
  and json_metadata like ('%"dsound"%')

The Current vote worth for Dsound has been taken from https://steemworld.org/@dsound at 6st March 2018.

I am part of a Blockchain Business Intelligence community. We all post under the tag #BlockchainBI. If you have an analysis you would like carried out on Steemit or Blockchain data, please do contact me or any of the#BlockchainBI team and we will do our best to help you...

You can find #BlockchainBI on discord https://discordapp.com/invite/JN7Yv7j

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Great analysis @paulag, was really looking forward to the day that your analysis would be published to get your expert input on the state of DSound curation. Thank you so much for sharing this data!

Relating to the curation on DSound, I would say that almost all of it is manual but bot assisted, meaning that a pool of 3 curators and myself go through the posts in various ways and every time a sound clicks, we investigate the account, check for consistency, presence in other platforms, copyright violations, profile credibility (even contact the creator via other platforms to check it), and only then, we add that author to be voted automatically. Also there are a few other votes that are selected from the posts that score more feedback between the community. Each author only may get a auto vote once a day to avoid abuse and the curators frequently check auto votes for continued consistency as well.

This has been, by far, the strongest effort of last month of DSound. Having a delegation is great, but to make great use of it is a completely different thing! Since day one my top priority has been to put the delegation to work in favor of DSound community and to build a strong and creative mindset around it, instead of building up greed based posting like in many others. By having a music label myself, I know how to filter content in some effective ways, but it has been much more difficult that I sincerely expected... A lot of copycats and people just recording junk to try to make an extra buck...

It has been a huge effort but I think we made quite a great job so far, mainly because every time I go through the trending or hot on original songs, for instance, I just get such a great set of insanely great quality songs! :)

I am really proud of this achievement of my curation team!

And another thing that makes me proud related to the curation effort is the community we built along the way with all the artists, musicians, song writers or podcasters on our Discord server, as I published on my last post.

Last month was a month to settle these efforts in solid ground, and this month my focus is in few important features and growth behind Steemit community! DSound has the capacity to bring a huge amount of sound creators in general, between music and other types of sound like podcasts and I will be spreading the word...

BTW, I think that the table of engagement by comments should be wrong, because the numbers are exactly the same as the previous one for posters...

Thanks a lot once more for your expert analysis and I am working to get it to grow substantially so that your next one will make us proud once more! :)


hi @prc and thank you for stopping by. You are right about the table, I uploaded the wrong one, will fix as soon as I finish this reply.

What a lot of work you and the team are doing when it comes to approving and checking accounts. And the enthusiasm in your reply really stands out.

You also have your own music label, well now this is really really interesting...

Steemit is full of people trying to make an extra buck, that's why good curation is so important, and we can never have enough of them. also I know a few pod-casters, have already got one to sign up :-)

Let me know if there is anything extra you would like me to included in next month report. Love this project. Keep it up

Thanks for the report

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Awesome to see the analytics in written format. Thanks for the post @paulag!

Wow pretty awesome report you have here. I might be interested in some blockchain analysis reports


data rocks

30-60 posts in a month? You can't even write a track that's even half decent in less than a couple days, please correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that considered spam on the steemit platform?


podcasters could do 30-60 a month easy, but with music you are probably right most would not write a good track in that time


I'll have to disagree!
Music is an extremely subjective art form and the creativity, that goes into said art, is also very subjective.
My song writing output can be very sporadic in terms of quantity and quality and as a musician, songwriter and producer of my own music, I'm very critical of what I share and upload.
@dsound and @steemit have given my music an extremely valuable boost which I hope continues into the future!
Spam is also great with chips and peas, here in the UK.

It really is mindblowing. Great analytics @Paulag.
And a super well done to you and your team @prc.

I just uploaded my first original song onto DSound!




@paulag thanks for putting my name on your Analysis ..
I will continue to give my best works to @dsound.
And I wish you success.

i keep trying to login and it doesnt do anything it just sits in the login window forever

Big fan of @dsound / @prc and thank you @paulag for this amazing post. As a podcaster and content creator for Dsound I appreciate this analysis. Keep up the good work and hopefully we'll see Dsound continue to become more successful than SoundCloud!!!


you are most welcome

Hopefully DSound more developed and continue to progress so that will give birth to new seeds in steemit, successful greetings and thank you @paulag has shared information

BIG fan of Dsound here, thanks for this summary:)

Thank you for the contribution. It has been approved.

You can contact us on Discord.

Hey @paulag I am @utopian-io. I have just upvoted you!


  • WOW WOW WOW People loved what you did here. GREAT JOB!
  • Seems like you contribute quite often. AMAZING!

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That's Beautiful Sound! 🎵🎵🎵

how do I earn in dsound?

Well done to you and your team @prc and thanks @paulag for the great info !

hi :) very nice post. I'm follow you now and I am asking you to follow me :) and let me support you and now I want to introduce you and my favorite musical gruope and LIVE CONCERT :) best regards to Gordon:)

Such a cool project. Although i cannot login for several days now. It seems dsound login button is inactive?

good job and posted

Dsound is awesome i love it

Excellent post !