Where is the Gates of Utopia? May be @Utopian-io platform!

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It has always been a question for humans that where is the best place to live?
This question is raised in societies facing social risks and sometimes accompanied by the aspirations.
Many Western thinkers see the efforts of some European countries, such as the Scandinavian countries, to create a widespread welfare and socialist effort to create a utopia.
The Utopia was first used by Thomas Moore in 1516 in his book (UTOPIA). Earlier similar concepts of this term have been put forward in the ideas of ancient Greek philosophers (Plato and Aristotle) and have been referred to as "Madinah Fazeleh" in Islamic philosophy. The demand for utopia is an attachment to it or a fantasy about an ideal social order. Since the time of Plato, many writers have designed many plans for ideal societies. As well as many religious groups and political advocates in Europe have made efforts to conquer ideal societies.
Utopia is a symbol of an ideal reality without any shortcomings. It can also represent an unreachable truth. Plato is introduced as the first idealistic philosopher of Western thought. In fact, utopia is harmonious with Plato's idea. This idea can be found in his republic dissertation. In his dissertation, Plato extends politics to wider areas such as state and constitution. He describes the main paths that are needed to organize an ideal city. That is why he is named as the founder of this idea.
Between 1663 and 1863, about 138 communities of this species were planted in the United States. These societies were often founded by some Christian sects. Piety and, sometimes, suffering was part of the founding principles of these societies.
One of the first secular societies founded by Englishman Robert Owen in Indiana in 1825. The Owen community was a cooperative society and not a communist one. Though broken up over two years, however, The first professional school, the first free library and the first public school was created in the US that the community has supported it.
One of the forerunners of the thought of the Utopia is Charle February (1772-1837), the writer and French social improviser whose thoughts affect the map of the US Utopian. In the interval between 1841 and 1859, around 28 Utopias were founded according to the February opinion in the United States of America. Another Frenchman, Etienne Cabe, set up several communities in Texas, Illinois, and Missouri, which did not end there. At the end of the nineteenth century, Jews who migrated from Europe to Palestine settled on farmland for economic, idealistic, religious, and social reasons. The members of these societies often had the same ideology such as utopian socialism, humanitarian ethics, or hard Jewish faith. These cabbages are called kibbutzim. Their members worked without pay, and society provided their needs. In these units, there was a central kitchen, a kindergarten, and often childhood classes in which children lived apart from their parents.
Hippies in the 1960s and 70s revived the desire to live together. By turning away from the Bourgeois commercial life and by living in family groups, they wanted to grow their spiritually. The scope of their common community, which was probably rooted around the corners of California, Was also developed to other places. Causing the spread of LSD, AIDS and the collapse of the traditional family system.

My opinion...
Maybe this piece of paper I wrote is not structurally related to the @Utopian-io. But I think it's possible to create a connection between utopia and @Utopian-io. As noted, the city that wants to be the best (as a Utopia) must have its own rules and conditions. The @utopian-io community can be considered as a Utopia community because it meets the needs of the people working together. The rewards of people working in it are Steem Dollar Which is given to everyone as much as he does.

Would you please let me know your thoughts?

Thank you for your time and consideration

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I know little on programming but I liked the philosophy behind 👏👏👏

me too, I don't know much more than you about philosophy. in this article, I just wanna link utopia (madinah fazeleh) to the utopian platform.
Thank you for your comment.

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