Add feature "secret conversations,mute notifications,schedule messages, block user and "start a plan" feature in hatke messenger app

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Applications Hatke Messenger is an android-based open source application that serves to receive and send messages from contacts or to contacts that will be sent text messages in real time. As a user I see there are features not included in this app like

Mute Notifications

Schedule Messages

Secret conversations

Start a plan

block user

I suggest to add the above features in this app


After installing and using this app as a user I propose to the developer to add features:

Mute Notifications, which is useful for disabling message notifications that users do not want to accept.

Schedule Messages, the user can manage the delivery of messages as per the user's wishes

secret conversations, the user can send fellow secret messages by setting the time how long the message will look. And if the set time is up then the message will disappear by itself

start a plan, users can send important plans to friends. And the plan can be arranged when will be implemented and can answer directly will be present or not on the plan.

block user, the user can block each contact that disturb the user

Mockups / Examples

This is a picture illustration after the user adds the secret conversation feature and the start a plan feature.
Example of location image feature secret conversations



Example picture location feature start a plan



Example of location image feature mute notifications


Example picture location feature schedule message


Example picture location feature block user



With the secret conversations feature the user can send secret messages to the selected users. The message is time-limited, because it can be set how long it will look. And if the time the message is up then the secret message sent will disappear by itself.

With the start a plan feature, the user can create a plan that can be sent directly through this application. The plan can be arranged when the plan will be implemented, other than that in this feature juda arranged icon can attend or not the plan. So the user who submitted the plan knows how many people will be present on the plan

The feature mute notifications, making it easy for users to disable notification of incoming messages that annoy users or users do not want to accept them. Users can specify the time range of how long is muted notifications are disabled

Features schedule messages, allowing users to manage the delivery of messages in the form of information in the desired time. So users can save time in sending information because it is scheduled delivery time of the message.

The block user feature helps the user to block other annoying users so that blocked users can no longer send messages and can no longer see blocker contacts. This feature is used to avoid other unwanted users

Both features are interesting. And also required by the user. If these two features are added then it becomes a very good development as well as amazing.

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