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ProjectBrightSun Enhancing cybersecurity education through hands-on exercises

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Project's Website
ProjectBrightsun allows for the automatic provisioning of complicated virtual environments through a GUI system. The Project also offers multiple lessons revolving around the ability to easily generate virtual environments in order to teach security basics, such as setting up and attacking an Active Directory environment.

I'm not fully familiar with the project it's basically a cybersecurity tool for penetration testing purposes and designed for educational purposes. Offers an easy to use GUI to generate these environments and there are some lessons on their website.

Benefits / Improvements

I was searching for projects that are looking for a designer's help.
So I found this issue.
Instructions for the design was pretty clear to work on immediately.
A sun visual with a matrix(the movie) effect.
I just googled that screen and there were actually two versions of it.

Asset 1.png

One with clean vertical paths on a 2D plane.
Other one has depth and a 3D-ish look with color and size modifications.

It wasn't an illustration, it's a logo but the design brief was there and I tried to keep it clean as possible.
Started with bigger font size to avoid small details and decreased the size until it still readable in medium sizes.


Here are the color and size version for presentation purposes

And finally, I choose to use a mono font which is popular around code editors. Due to its readibility on small size.

Here is the live version on their website.
Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 02.28.25.png

Proof of authorship

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 01.22.54.png


Adobe Illustrator
Affinity Designer

Original files

Files: Google Drive
Font: Ubuntu Mono

Proof of Work Done


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Hey @oups ,

Thank you for the contribution, I liked your logo design and I really appreciate your inspiration from Matrix and the reason for font selection.

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Thanks for the kind words.


This is a creative logo @oups!

Hey @oups
Thanks for contributing on Utopian.
We’re already looking forward to your next contribution!

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Hi there, I'm currently looking for a talent for simple logo design task for 10 Steem. If you are interested give me a ping at Discord, fr3eze#8617.