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It wasn't a task request on Utopian, but a request on GitHub. I was searching for projects that are looking for designers' help, and come up with this uncompleted issue [].
Looking through project owner's requests I designed a bot where its components inspired from the game's colors[red] and assets[bolt]. It should be seen best in circular areas since it's main purpose is to serve on Discord.
PR: []


blitzbot is another Discord bot that specialized on statistic for a game called World of Tanks Blitz

Benefits / Improvements

Old logo was a bolt on a plug, now it's obvious that is a robot.
I choose to follow game logo's colors but project owner insist to remain the previous colors.

Proof of authorship



Affinity Designer

Original Files 
Creative Commons LicenseThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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That's a good thing you completed an unfinished attempt and provided other requirements according to Utopian Rules although Po did not want it. Also I liked appearance of your logo design on discord a lot :)

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I like the one with the red helmet. Looks a bit like Baymax :)


😂 baymax lover here.