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RE: Merge Rewards - Welcome GitHub Users: Withdraw in BTC, ETH and more! No STEEM Account needed!

Hi fellow utopian! Please reconsider your TAG selection. According to this should not be tagged "developement". Your post is mostly about "Promotion" or "Ideas", or maaaaybe a "development log" due to that brief paragraph about "new unfinished website design", so probably it should be categorized as Ideas/Suggestions or Blog. Not 'development' tag. This one has quite clear guidelines.


Well, but there was a lot of development. Shall I link all the 30+ commits? Basically everything since the last post, which was accepted without any complains by the way. You mention the "new unfinished website design" but actually most work lies in the paragraph "Seamless Onboarding". I don't really understand why I should categorize this as "Ideas/Suggestions". Blog might be suitable but actually it makes me a little bit frustrated that I always need to do so much extra work to get rewarded for my development work. Actually that's one of the central points behind Merge Rewards. Anyway... maybe you can discuss this with your moderator collueges, like @helo for @emrebeyler. For me it's just really important to gather some Steem Power for the project. That's why I publish them with the @merge-rewards account and not my own and the Utopian Upvote would be really appreciated as long as there are no big delegators.

Hey! Thanks for response.

Anyway... maybe you can discuss this with your moderator collueges

Actually I'm not a moderator :) Reviews from them are always formalized, have link to the scoresheet, and so on. I just sometimes go over current utopian-io activity to see what's going on, and sometimes I just feel like leaving a note when something feels odd (like recently, for example, - you have to admit it's ODD at the least).

I don't really understand why I should categorize this as "Ideas/Suggestions"

You're right. I must have been tired, now I reread your post and it doesn't sound like that. I think I was fooled by the "Here are two new ones:" in the middle of the post, and reading further I probably didn't notice that "Reducing Technical Debt" is a separate paragraph, and I took it as another point under "two more ideas". Sorry about that.

Regarding "linking to 30 commits", I get your point. I actually did something like that not long ago, closely following the guidelines, but .. I got scolded by the reviewers for getting into too much detail and producing too complex post. Well.. clearly the guidelines are not ideal then. However, I still think that for 'development' category, you should summarize the changes/features/etc. You've said now in your reply that

but actually most work lies in the paragraph "Seamless Onboarding"

I understand that now, but when I was reading your post, it was totally not clear! Nowhere in the text is any mention that you have just implemented that "Seamless Onboarding"! While reading this post, I was 100% sure that the "Onboarding" paragraph is just you promoting one of the main features of your project -- and that would exactly be the "Blog" category :) -- and that's why I thought that the actual work was on the "website desing" part.

If I were closely tracking your project, I'd probably get it that "Seamless Onboarding" is new feature, since previously it wasn't seamless, but .. for me as a random reader from the internet, it totally wasn't clear from the text of the post. Seriously, even changing the paragraph title to, for example, "New feature: Seamless Onboarding", or "Seamless Onboarding is now fully functional" would do the trick :)

Thanks for your genuine approach to help contributors with their posts! I like that! And yes, I will add another heading... Maybe Updates: ...

Edit: Ok, updated the post. Should be more clear now. Thanks again for your feedback!