Personalized Tag Tab (PTT) to Show Specific Tags for Specific Members

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Personalized Tag Tab is an option to search specific tags for not general but specific member.


Steemit is a social media platrom which consists of 249 tags (taken from here). Each day, this number can be increased. If a member wants to search about a specific tag, that member can reach these blogs which are related to that tag. However, when a member wants to reach a specific tag within another specific member's blog, there need to be scanned its blog entirely. To overcome this issue, it can be offered that a new tag tab which can be called "Personalized Tag Tab" can be embedded into the main page. Thus, members can achieve the articles which is related to interested tag which belong a specific member.

Mockups / Examples

The "Personalized Tag" can be placed as;

After selection a tag;


  • Easier discovery of the content you want to read for a specific member
  • Presentation of personalized content in front of readers in a compact way
  • Get a quick idea about a member by gathering shares of specific topics in a single area
  • Identify which topics are more relevant to members
  • It also allows members to create their own blog index

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