Utopian-io Space Geometry Intro Video

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I have edited with Adobe After Effects and Video Pad for the Utopian-io Open Source Project an intro video. With a few screenshots i will show you the progress. At the end of this article is a link for you to download all files. They are free for your use.
I hope you will like it.


Here i edit the logo and the screen

This is the part, where i adjust the geometrys


Than the turn of the lettering


Here i add with Video Pad the sound

Result Video

I saved all files and pack them with 7z as a zip-file.
The zip-file includes:

  • the After Effects Template as a aex-file
  • the sound as a wave-file
  • the utopian-io logo as a png-file
  • all other files, that is needed for the gfx
  • the endvideo in 1440p HD resolution

zip-file size: 63.9 mb

download package

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  • Seems like you contribute quite often. AMAZING!

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Waw this amazing work mabro!!! I like it


thank you bro ;)