Dollar Street translation to Portuguese (1112 words) Part 2

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This is my #2 contribution to this project called Dollar Street


Project Details

Some information about this project can be found on their website

Dollar Street was invented by Anna Rosling Rönnlund at Gapminder. For 15 years she spent her workdays making global public data easier to understand and use. Over time her frustration grew: carefully selecting data to present it in colorful and moving charts made overall global trends and patterns easier to understand. But it did not make everyday life on different income levels understandable.

Dollar Street is developed by Gapminder. Gapminder is an independent Swedish foundation with no political, religious or economic affiliations. We fight devastating misconceptions about global development with a fact-based worldview everyone can understand. We produce free teaching-resources based on reliable statistics. We collaborate with universities, UN organisations, public agencies and non-governmental organisations.

Dollar Street has no political or financial agenda. Licensed by Creative Commons license 4.0, you are free to reuse, edit and share the images. We hope you will enjoy it!

To make Dollar Street even greater, we hope you want to help us! Maybe you think we need more homes from your country? Please, help us find these homes! We need help with a lot of other things as well. Open the form below and fill it out so we can get an idea of how we can best work together! It shouldn't take more than a minute. Thanks!


I find this project very interesting how they document the income of every household.

So I decided to help this project because, como on and join me!

Links related to the translation

Source Language


Translated Language

Write here the language you have translated for the project and the current status (how many words are yet to translate).

Number Of Words

I translated 1112 words to Portuguese, in this 2nd Part.

I translated 2160 until now.

Proofread Words


Proof of work

Before I start:

After I am done:

Waiting for approval.

Thanks for all!
See you on next translate!

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