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Steemit be the key to unlock the Steepshot platform make the addition of add account option very crucial and important to the efficient functionality and security of users on the Steepshot platform. There are a lot of users on steemit that posses a lot of accounts due to some reasons best know to them and some of these users find it so hard to use Steepshot with all their steemit accounts due to the fact that they will have to be logging one account out for another which is very risky as they can easily misplace their passwords or such passwords might fall into the wrong hands in the process.


The addition of add account option will help users on the platform to be able to use all their steemit accounts together on Steepshot just by log in those accounts once and then be switching to the one they wish to use later on, users will be able to be at ease when using their accounts because their won`t be any need to be copying and pasting their passwords over and over again.

This feature is already active on the esteem application and users are really enjoying it because it give them the chance to use all their accounts together at a time without even having to be logging one out for the other.



Add account option should be situated on Steepshot drop down trail at the right corner of the user homepage where features like profile, feed, browse, settings and logout are located so as to make it to be very distinctive and easy to use by the users and at the same time well hidden so as not to be carelessly temper with.



This feature will draw a lot of users to the platform as there won’t be anything like stress for those users with two or more accounts on the steemit platform.

All images are screenshot with my Infinix Hot 3 pro.

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Such feature is indeed needed on steepshot for security purpose and in other to call more users to the platform.

Exactly, thanks for stopping by.

This is a cool post, add account option will help users with miltiple accounts.

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