1258 Translated Words for Facebook React | Filipino Translation | 1st Contribution

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0% to 100% for code-splitting.md (816words)
0% to 100% for faq-structure.md (442 words)


Project Details

React is a JavaScript hub designed to create interactive UIs (User Interfaces) painlessly. And has been maintained by Facebook, Instagram and a community of a bunch of individual developers and corporations. In its declarative paradigm, if you design simple views for each single state in your application, React will efficiently update and render just the right component you will need when your data changes.

React truly offers great and easy usage of user interfaces and I believe this little contribution will lead to even better React services. As a Filipino, I would like to see more of Filipino developers making their name globally. And if this simple translation would help them understand more what React is, both its basics and complexities, I guess I have done my fair share for the betterment of my beloved country. Like me, I know it would also please you -- Filipinos making their way in the field of programming. And there's something we really can do to get that dream closer to reality. Let's do bayanihan and make this project a success! I am inviting YOU to start your contribution, click here.

In my first contribution (which is this one), I started on the files entitled "code-splitting.md" and "faq-structure.md". These files can be found under the "docs" folder which is under the "master" folder. I transferred 1,258 wordsfrom the start of the first file until the end of the second file. And gladly, I was able to obtain a progress from 0% to 100% in both files. That's only a 1.18% contribution. Not too bad for first timers, eh.

Links related to the translation

Project Link in Crowdin: React
Project Activity Links: code-splitting.md and faq-structure.md
My Activity Link in Crowdin: nikkabomb's Activity
Link of the Project’s Repository: React Repository

Source Language


Translated Language

I translated the said file into Filipino. A total of 1,258 words were translated.

Number Of Words

The two files have a total of 1,258 words. While the entire project has 111,732 words for translation.

Number of words translated on this contribution: For this contribution I have 1,258 translated words. Completed the entire two files.

Proofread Words

Still doesn’t have a proofread translation.

Previous translation on the same project

As I am a newbie, this is my first contribution. Hope to have this numbers coming up real soon.

Number of words translated on the project before this report (if any): 0. This is my first translation.contribution on this project. I am looking forward to translating/contributing more.

Proofs of my Work:

code-splitting.md at 0%

faq-structure.md at 0%

code-splitting.md at 100%

faq-structure.md at 100%

Samples of my translation


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Awsome works. I gain insights of the awsomest version of nikka

Thanks @josephfugata. You're works are way better than mine. hehehe Hope to see you real soon. <3

You areso humble @nikka, as far as betterness is concerned, I may not be better than anyone else. We are different from each other and that's one thing I like about you. You are way better than anyone here.

Thank you for the contribution. It has been approved.

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