Why You Should Start Using Brave Browser?

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In this post I am going to talk about why every internet user must switch to Brave Browser from their usual internet browsers. I am going to assist this recommendation with the advantages of using Brave over other browsers.

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Do you know that we have been putting our privacy at stake while using internet through our traditional web browsers? The internet is filled with annoying ads and trackers. This is where we want a better web. And Brave claims " Brave is building a better and strong web."

Here are some of the reasons why everyone should start using Brave browser over your usual browsers.

1. Faster is Better

When you click on a link or start browsing some sites, I am sure you don' t want to wait till eternity to open the site. This is where Brave comes into play. It is proven that Brave is upto 10 times faster than Chrome and Safari in mobile devices and upto 4 times faster in desktop.

Here are the proofs from the experiments.

2. Stops Tracking And Annoying Advertisements

Brave has an inbuilt blocker to block ads and tracking tools on website. It blocks all the annoying ads and you can surf faster internet and be safe from all the tracking tools online.

You will also not be tracked without your knowledge using Brave browser.

3. Save Data Charges

Do you know that an average mobile users pays upto 23$ a month to download ads and trackers? That's 276$ a year. (From Brave)

Brave browsers blocks all these ads and trackers so you will data these charges. It makes your browsing experiences fast, safe and cheap.

4. Respects Your Privacy

Brave browsers protects you from malware, prevents tracking and keeps your browsong safe and secure. Your browsing remains safe and private in your device. None of your data are stored im their servers. So there is no chance of your data being theft with Brave.

You can even track how many ads and trackers have been blocked with brave.

5. Support your Favourite Publishers Passively

Brave has an awesome publisher program to the website owners and content creators you engage to. You can activate Brave payments to contribute to the content owners and Brave can automatically divide  your contributions to the sites you frequently visit based on your engagements. This way you can support the content creators you love even when you block the ads.

Available for all Platforms

Brave browser is available to all the devices. You can download the Browser for your Android, IOS or Windows devices and start browsing safely.

I agree to the claim "Brave is on a mission to fix the web." If you are someone who respect your privacy online and want to browse safely, faster and cheaper , then you must definitely switch to Brave browser.

Much more than a browser, Brave is a new way of thinking about how the web works.


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Be brave

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